Revenge Is Best Served Sweet

Revenge Is Best Served Sweet

A Poem by Beautifully Tragic xPoetry Queen

Spoken Word.

You promised you would love me forever
You promised you would never hurt me
You promised you would always be there for me.

They were all lies.

You say that you love me
But yet how can you?
I know what love is
This is not.

Everything is visible
The tears, the fears, the scars
You know my past
You know my insecurites.

I will win.
I know I am strong.
My words, they will exploit you.
To everyone you know
They will know the real you inside.
You will be frowned upon
By those who thought of you as a great person
I will smile.

See, the things that you don't care about..
Me, my words
You don't see them
You don't listen
But others do.
And that is what matters

I've kept my words a secret
Why, you ask?
Because you do not care for them
So blind and ignorant
You cannot see what is in front of your eyes.

You have succeeded though.
In teaching me...
I have learned not to depend
I have learned not to trust
I have learned to become stronger

And you have created this monster.
Art is my war
My words,
They are louder than my actions

I am no longer that weak scared little girl you thought
I am strong.
I will win.
Revenge is best served sweet.

© 2011 Beautifully Tragic xPoetry Queen

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Added on October 13, 2011
Last Updated on October 13, 2011


Beautifully Tragic xPoetry Queen
Beautifully Tragic xPoetry Queen

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