A Poem by Beautifulmaddness

No one listens, no one hears

Nothing but ignorance seems to appear

Everyone enveloped in one’s self

Setting aside others on a high shelf

Not caring not seeing all that surrounds

For only themselves are to themselves profound

Pushing aside for one’s main goal

Not caring, not valuing another poor soul

Always worst off is the center of the world

And always other’s plans carelessly to be unfurled

All this commotion and not another hearing sound

For their own voice is the only one holding ground

All thinking they know all and listening to none

All losing but thinking the battle was won

So many problems that do arise

When selfish clouds enter our skies

Clouds of night wishing praise of day

Not thinking of the consequences of having their way

All unconvinced by their one wish

At all’s expense is their one relish 

How can they bring all down for their smile

To hurt others why do they go the extra mile

Thinking they are all they cover

The sun in which round we hover

How can they not see clear hate

And instead take our demeanor as a joyous state

Clouds in vain ruin all’s days

By getting their delight in selfish ways

But none will they listen and none will be right

And it’s because of clouds we have night


© 2012 Beautifulmaddness

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Excellently written, seeing what all should, but few do. Maybe one day, people will realise vanity and self is not what this thing called life is all about.
Thanks for sharing this.

Posted 7 Years Ago

You have crafted a beautiful poem of truth surrounded by "Clouds" of imagery. Well done..Like your penn name as well !

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on November 18, 2012
Last Updated on November 18, 2012
Tags: listening, darkness, chaos, society, night



Batesville, MS

I write what inspires me. I do not write so that others may understand or what is clearly visible. I do not write in clear scheme or rhythm. I write as it comes natural and how I feel the most liberat.. more..