Animal Cruelty Laws Need to Changed

Animal Cruelty Laws Need to Changed

A Story by BeautifulyImperfect

Numerous studies have found that there are links between animal cruelty and violence towards humans. During the years of 2001 and 2004 a study done by the police department in Chicago revealed a shocking  tendency for offenders charged with crimes against animals to commit other violent offenses towards human victims. Sixty-Five percent of those arrested for animal crimes had been arrested for battery against another person.  The maximum penalty for animal cruelty in Canada is 6 months in jail, a 2,000$ fine and a 2 year ban from owning another pet.

How does one treat a member of their family like a piece of garbage and get away with it? Animals don’t have a voice of their own and are not responsible for their actions. Multiple cases have been aired on the news and spoken about on the internet about people taking an animal and tying it to a tree, shooting it and leaving it for dead. Meanwhile, due to such lenient laws those who commit the crime get away with it, it isn’t even considered an act of cruelty under the Criminal code of Canada. Under that code animal cruelty crimes are considered property offenses instead of violence against a living, breathing creature.

Those who commit these crimes should be banned for life of having another pet, as well as spend at least 2 years in Jail. Also, they should pay a 10,000$ fine and be enrolled in psychiatric help before returning home. Pet abuse is one of the predictors of domestic partner violence. An indicator of distress in a household is animal abuse in the form of neglect. Children who abuse animals send out visible warning signs that pose a risk to themselves and others.  Due to all these facts, it is clear to see that we need to change our laws and make sure that those who commit these heinous crimes get the punishment they deserve. The punishment should not be because they have committed previous crimes or have other charges on their records.

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Great article, persons do take advantage of the less fortunate.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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