Killing Cable

Killing Cable

A Poem by Aliciaa Gay.

Suicidal tendency

Losing him self to truancy

Master of puppetry

Pushing a knife into me

Heartless b***h

Is what the letter said

Devouring kindness

Calling me a w***e.

No one could love you

It is true.

Best to give up

If I were you.

Medicine cabinet is calling

The melody is bittersweet

Some anti-depressants

To sweep me off my feet.

Obnoxious gathering

Left me dangling

Somewhere in the street.

Kitty pawing

Heart is thawing

Who would have thought

Death was so sweet

Giving him what he wanted

This pain won’t be here in the morning.

Bright lights

Angry voices

Mother crying

No funeral for the fallen.

Restrained to a bed

His words running through my head

How is it fair

I wanted to be dead.

Suicidal tendency

Losing himself to truancy

Pushing a knife into me

Devouring my kindness

Taking myself from me.

Giving in so easily

Bittersweet melody

Heartless b***h

Are the words

with which I chose

To make it end.

© 2011 Aliciaa Gay.

Author's Note

Aliciaa Gay.
The most common pathway to suicide is through depression, which afflicts two thirds of all people who kill themselves.

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I agree with Courtney and Robin. Besides that, I appreciate the note you added. People just are not accepting of suicide whatsoever. Now, I'm not saying that suicide is right, but that's a discussion for a different day. Why is it more acceptable to say "She died of cancer" than "She died of suicide". Most suicide is caused by depression, and depression is a disease, just like cancer.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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This poem is well penned and expresses the feelings completely that you have in this type of life situation.. Great write.. and well done..x

Posted 9 Years Ago

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What Robin said.

Posted 9 Years Ago

I love you, Ali.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Aliciaa Gay.
Aliciaa Gay.

Cookeville, TN

Short&&to the point -Aliciaa//Smitten//Mother -5'2 -short, black hair -6 tattoo's, Septum, Exotic's, guages -sucker for body mods -pin-up obsession -Mouth that would put a sailor to shame. -.. more..

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