Society Is To Blame

Society Is To Blame

A Poem by Aliciaa Gay.

"Written as if I were defending my choices from the world. Abortion is a choice. Many don't believe in it, but there are reasons that people do it. Yes, they kill babies. Abortion huts a lot of people. Even the ones who chose to do it. It is something they must live with everyday. But they were told it was okay. That nothing would change. Thay had no clue, the judgement that would be placed. Can you honestly judge someone who isn't to blame?"-Ali Gay


Tiny toes

Should be a treat

It’s an abomination

This is how it has to be

Don’t get attached

It was just a mistake

The baby is to young to feel the pain.


Angry outburst

Your morals made you this way

Taking a life

To save your own

What kind of message

Do you send to your home.

But your not to blame


Judgments passing

I’m only a teen

I didn’t want this

My mom made me

I loved my baby

With all of my heart

I’ll never be the same

I’m falling apart


Young girl

Isn’t to blame

She gave in

To pressure and fame

Giving up

On the one who needed her here

Never getting the chance

To wipe her tears


A trip to the doctor

It will all go away

I never wanted to do this

Giving your life away

I love you dearly

If only you knew

That’s why I chose

Not to have you


Political rant

Makes murder okay

What have you done

You’ve committed murder today

It’s alright

When push comes to shove

You chose what no one else could.


Abortion lessons

It’s a shade of grey

In this black and white world

Where we choose to stay

Giving up part of myself

To do what’s best for you

I never once thought

The pain I’d go through


Taught to love

Make choices the same

With no one to guide them

They hide their shame

They loved their ones

But where afraid to fight

That’s why they took this road

Everyone told them they had to do so.


I fight like crazy

To keep my demons away

Locking them up

Hiding in the safe

People pass judgment

They would never know my shame

Everyday I hide

Afraid to face the day


© 2011 Aliciaa Gay.

Author's Note

Aliciaa Gay.
My prayers and encouragement are with you as you walk on this path of recovery. Others, including me, have walked it before you. We know that what once seemed impossible peace, forgiveness, restoration to a sense of wholeness, is indeed possible. However deep your trauma and your sense of pain and emotional turmoil, I encourage you to look forward to recovery with renewed hope and confidence. —Leslie Graves

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This is a very emotional is just one issue where society and its social consturctions are to blame....good work

Posted 9 Years Ago

this is a very emotional, deep, and controversial subject. The emotions you express in this poem I will never possess, so my opinion on the matter will be created on a whole different world. a whole different outlook on life. As of the content of your poem? you have perfectly portrayed the controversy in the subject from both stands. personally this all depends on the certain situation. being brought up by two douchbags that beat and rape you is only gonna but another emotionally and physically abused person into this world who will grow up being taught to live the same way. this is how evil people are born psychologically.. truly i think abortion can be a life savior in a certain situation. now the next person that reads this may very well hate me because of this opinion I Possess. which is the person this next statement is addressed too. I believe in the free mind. I understand that an opinion in such a controversial subject is truth to you and what you believe in; Therefore, you should have the freedom of expression and if the need be to hate who I am for what I believe. Even though I may not agree i expect the same respect to keep my mind open to expansion....I am gonna stop ranting in my review as I am losing track of the subject.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Wow... thats all I can say is wow. It's beautiful

Posted 9 Years Ago

society is indeed to be blame...sometimes we dont even realise we live in a sick society...

Posted 9 Years Ago

Deep, emotional, real, and understanding. Very good. Abortion is horrible, and whats worse is that society sees it as right and pushes the pressure on those who are despperate and willing to take in any form of help. Except on the grounds of rape or incest, abortion should not be allowed. If you get pregnant unintentionally its your fault for not using protection/birthcontrol. You cannot punish an UNBORN CHILD for your mistake. Another thing that is horrible is that the law does not recognize an unborn baby as even a human, they just call it a lump of flesh, a thing, a fetus. The law does not consider unborn children to be human or even a life. And so, there is no one to protect them except for the mother... :( A very depressing truth, there is nothing to protect the ones that most need it. And the truth is regarding an unborn child is the fact that the heart is one of the first things to form and it actually starts beating within a month of conception. And so, how can someone know that and still consider them a thing? Its downright horrible and evil. An unborn child is alive, just because you cannot see it does not mean it is not there.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Very touchy subject to some, but a wonderful piece to all :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

I love that you incorporate both society's view as well as the personal view of those who may not have a choice in their decision. I have much respect for you and your ability to push past social stigmas to write this piece of art. Don't stop writing about the justice and respect that everyone deserves.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Thats deep, I understand the different angles you view this.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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