Chapter One - "Breathe No More"

Chapter One - "Breathe No More"

A Chapter by ~ Kimberly ~

 I scream as I shoot my upper body from the pillows. I realize I'm panting like an overworked animal, sweating, and crying as the unbearable images clog my wild imagination. What was that dream...? Another night terror? Twice in one week? I ponder in distress. My wavy, chest-nut hair dangles in my view. I'm slanted as if I'm about to vomit. I flip my tangled mess over my head, and I'm greeted with the morning rays blazing upon my face. 

The kiss of life... a sign I'm alive.

I catch a breath. it isn't enough to tame my raging nerves.

I am paralyzed from the fright; it's leaving me parched, sore, and my well-being in question. I am haunted by the spooky occurrences in my reoccurring nightmares. My consciousness feels trapped in that twisted world. When I blink, I recall the thick blood splattered against his tan walls... he was barely recognizable in the end...

Was that... no...Jakob?

Why were his eyes blacker then the night sky?

I emphatically shake the illusions out. It was another night terror. This is real.... This is real...he's alive. I have to function like a normal human this time. I can't allow another disturbance drag me under for the thousandth time. My friends and mother are beginning to catch on to the delirious acts I've portrayed these last couple of months.

Besides, Jakob is loved by hundreds.  Even though we haven't spoken since our feud in elementary school, the happiness in his personal atmosphere is warming. He always has a smile on his charming face.

I'm overthinking this I do to the others.

Am I crazy? Have I truly lost my mind this time?

I winch as my door flies open. My older brother, Nathaniel, strikes me a raised, suspicious eyebrow; probably overhearing my nerve-wrecking howls and is bewildered. His room is across from mine in the narrow hall-way. Correct, it's a torture technique for normal siblings. Luckily, we're emotionally tied to barely bicker at one another. It's usually a smooth sail in this house.

His blue eyes roll around in annoyance once he comprehends I'm unharmed in my pajamas. I'm clinging to my blanket like a little kid, who is afraid of thunderstorms.

He scoffs at me. "Really, Willow? You almost gave me a damn heart-attack! Other people sleep in this house, too!"

"Super weird dream!" I admit, I bet he didn't care to listen to my sob story. "Forget it, I'll... um... be ready quicker then lightning, I promise. Is David almost here?"

"Yup, and we're leaving your a*s here if you don't follow through with your empty promise! Hurry the hell up!"

I groan as he leaves me to my business. I have zero motivation to face Oakland High! Wish I could fake sick, unfortunately my mother would be over that like white on rice!  

This isn't the first time it happened... and it won't be the last. 



                                         * * * 




  The story behind me and my family is this; I'm adopted. My mother In reality is my Aunt Melinda while Nathaniel is my 1st cousin. My biological parents were killed in a rampaging fire twelve years ago.  The origin is a mystery to this day. Our house along with the possessions were demolished. 

  Was I in the house when the tragic incident took place? Was our home tampered with? Were my parents drunk with blood on their hands? These are the questions that haunt us to this day. Melinda shoots blanks anytime she tries to reminisce of the horrific incident. She came up with the conclusion that I had managed to escape out my window. People bicker with her theory because they know the house exploded with no warning. I wouldn't have had a chance to abandon the area unless I was having predictions...and nobody in this town believes in psychics. All they recall is me standing in front of my collapsed home, studying the roaring flames with no expression. 

  I was three... I barely understood how to form proper sentences. How was I supposed to comprehend what was happening?

  To this day, it's a blur. I can vaguely remember studying the ashes raining from the sky as I gripped my aunts fingers on that frightful day. Nathaniel was crying and choking from the smoke invading his lungs, while my mother sobbed alongside us. With love, she shielded me from the confusion of people, firefighters, and blaring sirens that pierced our fragile ears. She didn't hesitate to claim me as her own, tucking me under her wing.


  My mother was Rosalinda, she was described as a reckless teenager with no ambitions in life. She was the girl in class who was too pretty and wasn't afraid to flaunt it. The only reason I was born was to prove to my grandmother that she truly was in-love with Steven Jones, a twenty year old motorcyclist, and my biological father. She was sixteen and only lived to see the age of nineteen before her demise. I have zero insight of her. Even when I'm shown pictures or videos, I continue to shrug my shoulders at the sight of her. In-fact, neither of them resembled me, so I wouldn't think they were my biological family if I stumbled upon the evidence myself. Aunt Melinda noted my parents weren't that involved in my life, as they were party animals who neglected their responsibilities. Melinda and my grandma were the ones who raised me from the get-go. They aren't surprised they fail to ring a bell in my memory bank.


 I believe Aunt Melinda was destined to be my mother. We share a strong, visible connection. I hastily accepted her as a figure to look up to. Unlike Rosalinda, she pushed things out of her way to protect me; to be assured I was wearing a gleeful grin at the end of the day. Nathan and I were gifted with a memorial childhood.


Unfortunately years after the life-changing event, I experienced an eruption of devious nightmare starring my burnt down house.  Rosalinda's frantic screams for help would open the dream. I'd be at a fair distance, observing my parents burning alive as I was immune to the flames dancing aggressively all around us. I refused to reach my hand out to her. Instead, I stared them down with a hard, poker-face expression.  Her ear-piercing shrieks echoed through the illusion. She was calling me a freak, she was screaming that I was the monster. She was ruthless,sobbing, and trying to crawl out of the hungry fire to strike me. Her last breath wished that I was aborted, then they faded away with the ashes. In the dream, I caught a glimpse of my reflection in a shattered piece of glass aside my toes. My eyes weren't hazel anymore, one side defined to a powerful, bloody red color like a demon's. While the other side held a coal black color. it was unsettling, like something you'd witness in a horror movie. 


 I noticed a boy huddling over my shoulder in the reflection.  He'd smile as he expanded his glowing hand to me. His face was a constant blur in each dream, and his purple eyes shined brightly through the smoke. They were blinding like the radiant light swallowing us alive. He wore a white tux and I wore a black gown that traveled down to my feet. Sparks of fire that wouldn't spread circled around the bottom of my breath-taking attire.  Unlike with my mother in the hallucination, I didn't delay to intertwine my fingers with the particular, imaginary boy. He'd draw me in closer and whisper a verse unclear. He was so genuine, so magnificent. Like prince charming.

  The light would devour my dream, having me waking up frightened. No matter how forcefully I tried, I couldn't build an image of that mysterious boy. He had the same effects on me every time I opened my eyes to actuality. I plan to take those dreams to the grave with me. 


 There was an eerie code within it... and I don't dare plan to decode the sinister secrets inside. 

© 2015 ~ Kimberly ~

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Author's Note

~ Kimberly ~
Please tell me what you think, there are flaws and I'd like to be addressed for the future.

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ok i like it,i like how this girl is having dreams! about the future,and how she is haunted by the pass,
i myself never would call someone insane if they thought they could see the future,
and ilike the mystery in this chapter good way to introduce characters but to be honest i think this chapter
is way to short that is what i seen wrong with it,well next chapter

Posted 7 Years Ago

Very intriguing start to your story. It makes me want to keep reading to find out what happens. I want to know the answers to the "whats, whys and hows". Very mysterious. Good job!

Posted 8 Years Ago

I found this to be quite interesting for a first chapter and I look forward to reading more. :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

Your way of writing and the first-person perspective really pulled me into the story. It helped bring the story to live and to make it feel real, like i was there. The mystery of it makes me want to read more to find out the answers.

There was one sentence if found a bit odd:
"My biological parents were murdered in a rampaging fire twelve years ago."
To me this states the parents were killed by someone. Yet after that it turns out their deaths are a mystery. It could have been murder, but the word "murdered" makes it a fact, not a possibility. I would just use "my parents died" here (or something similar).

Also you called it a "rampaging fire" a few times. As far as i am aware only living creatures can rampage. I think a "roaring fire" would be better here.

Posted 8 Years Ago

~ Kimberly ~

8 Years Ago

Thanks for the comment and advice. :) I changed it! I'm happy people are giving me advice about gram.. read more
[send message][befriend] Subscribe
"...from the gecko." should be "..from the get-go."

I am confused with what you describe after the break. Is it mostly only the dream? Is the dream actually a memory? Or is it a mix? If you could make it a little more defined as to what you are talking about that would really help the story.

Posted 8 Years Ago

This comment has been deleted by the poster.
~ Kimberly ~

8 Years Ago

Thanks for picking the errors out. I never reviewed and edited these fully. The break is a backstory.. read more
wow this is really good! I wish I could be a amazing writer just like you.

Posted 8 Years Ago

0 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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You have a unique and unconventional way of writers have different intentions when we write but your writing is too compelling and suspenseful, something that made sit down and read the whole thing.

Posted 8 Years Ago

~ Kimberly ~

8 Years Ago

Thanks again! I'm flattered you enjoyed. I'm still growing as a writer so I'm happy people are findi.. read more
This is a brilliant piece. I like the mystery you've sewn into it!

Posted 8 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

~ Kimberly ~

8 Years Ago

Thank you so much! :)

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~ Kimberly ~
~ Kimberly ~


Hiya! My name is Kimberly. I'm 20 years old and I've had a passion for writing and reading since I was 11. Writing was a way to sort out my depression and anger. I wrote to escape to another part of m.. more..


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