Chapter Two - Unexpected Confrontrations

Chapter Two - Unexpected Confrontrations

A Chapter by Bec

Leave it to a bunch of dogs to underestimate me again. Figures. I thought as I ran and jumped from roof to roof. I had to leave this part of town fast; it wouldn’t take long for the wolves to snap out of their shock and take after me. God they could smell it on me? I knew what had been stolen from the wolves, in fact I saw it only moments before my night-time run-in with the stupid beasts. It was a serum of sorts, a way of cancelling out our ability to change at midnight on the full moon. My brethren decided to steal it so they could turn it against the wolves; personally I think it’s a cure. How long have some of us been looking for a cure to this curse? I mean all it takes to make a Werecat is to get scratched by one and boom! You now belong to the happy race of felines. Do you know how annoying that can be? Mind you being a cat does have some advantages. Wait… oh right I was talking about the Serum. Needless to say that if I had stolen it from the wolves they wouldn’t know it was gone. My brethren decided to send some amateur after it. That’s loyalty for you. 

I had just jumped across the roof of an old warehouse when the wolves caught up with me, and if they had been angry before they were bloodthirsty now. I found an extra burst of speed from my reserves before I would give up the chase; I took them down to the street. Running past the window of a late night Café, I tried to lose them by dropping down into the open sewer behind the Café, but they followed me down there too. After running through the gross, nasty, filthy sewer for twenty minutes I could run no longer, so I turned around got in pouncing position and let loose a deep hiss/growl.

The wolves stopped chasing me long enough to fill the cavern we had come too with their hot smelly breath. One of their numbers slowly approached me, and changed to human form. This was not the idiot I had dealt with back in the alley, oh no, this male was far better looking. “Leave us.” He commanded the Werewolves, who obediently backed out of the sewer cavern, and probably the sewer system. Before me stood the Alpha male of the McConi Clan Werewolves, Tobias McConi, completely nude. “I brought a tunic for you if you would care to transform back for me, we can discuss your situation.” He called to me as he threw a black shirt in my direction. 

I sniffed it tentively, then slipped my head into the garment and transformed. He looked a little surprised to see me. “Tobias, long time no see.”
“Aleca? What are you doing here?”
“I could ask you the same thing Tobias. I mean after all the last I heard your dad was head of the clan and you were in Ireland. Fancy meeting you in London.” I told him with a sly grin.
“I came back, what about you? Last I heard you were being arrested for theft in Paris.”
“I came back by request after I was turned loose.” I purred. “Now about my situation? As I mentioned earlier I have nothing, I stole nothing and,” I gave him a chuckle laced purr, “I’m not to your tastes.”
“You’ve stolen from other clans before Aleca, why should I believe that you didn’t steal the Serum from us? It’s not like your track record is exactly clean.” He narrowed his ice-blue eyes.
“True, however your goon mentioned my pack, was I wearing a pack Tobias? No I wasn’t. Otherwise you would have found it when I transformed. Did you?”
“Then there you have it. I have yet to steal anything from your clan, and besides if I had stole the Cure then wouldn’t I have used it already? On my self? You know me well enough to figure that one out.” I said darkly.
“If I find out you’re lying to me Aleca…”
“I swear on my honour as a thief and a Cat. I did not steal the cure.” I told him rolling my eyes. “Is this because you told me about it all those years ago?”
“No Aleca, it’s because you’re a thief and a Cat. Even if the latter was not by choice. The Clan leaders are not happy about the missing Serum. They don’t see it as you do, they believe it is a weapon, you think it’s a miracle cure.”
“And what about you Wolf? What do you think it is?”
“Dangerous. Aleca, I know how much this Serum could mean to you, but you must promise me that you won’t take any. I’ve seen what it does to your kind, it’s not pretty.”
“Ahh Tobias, you almost sound concerned about my well being. Just after I thought you sent a pack of wolves for my blood! How silly of me to believe such a thing!” I laughed sarcastically walking past him.
He grabbed my wrist as I walked past and pulled me to his chest, “Aleca, what happened between us was not either of our faults. Some times bloodlines aren’t meant to be mixed. I am sorry that it had to happen that way, I never wanted it to.”
I had to look away from him, to hide my tears, “Neither did I, but your father had other plans didn’t he? If we’re done here, I have things to do tonight.”
“Aleca, look at me.” Reluctantly I complied, “Promise me.”
I sighed, damn his eyes, “Alright, I won’t take any of the cure. Do you still want it back?”
“Please. Aleca, I can grant you two of your three requests to a certain extent. I can give you your life, and promise that none of my clan will be following you, but I can not grant the last request. Be safe and smart Aleca, and don’t let me regret this decision.” Oh and then he decided to kiss me. It wasn’t a long kiss, but it was more then enough. “Now go before your people wonder where you are.”
“Goodbye Tobias, it was good seeing you again.” I smiled before changing back to cat and taking off with a lot on my mind.

© 2009 Bec

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"I thought as I ran from roof top to roof top with a single bound each time."
This is a bit lengthy. I would eliminate the word "top" from "roof top" or combine them into one word (rooftop). I would get rid of "with a single bound each time" and replace "ran" with "jumped". I think most people understand that you can't do double jumps in reality, so saying "single bound" is kind of redundant.

"I had to leave this part of town fast, it wouldn't take long for the wolves to snap out of their shock and take after me."
Replace your comma with a semi-colon.

"before my night time run in"
"night-time run-in"

"I tried to loose them"
I think that it's "lose" here.

"He narrowed his ice blue eyes."
Ice-blue. I like hyphens : )

I also like the way this is shaping up. You have a nice premise and things could really flow from here. There were a few weak points, though. When Tobias sent the wolves away, for example, I... um... well there was something that was not right; I just can't put a name to it right now. It was too quick maybe? I don't know.

Good work, anyway.

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 15 Years Ago

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