Chapter Three - Old Friends

Chapter Three - Old Friends

A Chapter by Bec


My little run-in with the wolves used up most of my night-time, so my original plans for that night would have to wait until midnight the next night. For now I had to make it to my apartment with out being seen by prying eyes, before the sun rose. As soon as that orb crested the horizon I’d be caught out side with out a stitch of clothing on. Not an image I want to give my neighbours, I mean my nudity is mine and I don’t show off to just any one.
Luckily I made it back to my apartment just as the sun peeked over that horizon line, literally. I jumped from the fire escape into my living room window and the sun hit me, but being a cat, I landed on my human feet and bound into my room. Tobias is back? Why?
“Aleca is that you?”
S**t I forgot about her. “Yeah, I’m home Anastasia. I thought you were at your father’s place for the month?” I called to her as I threw on some clothes and brushed the leaves from my hair, running through that stream after being in the sewer had been a brillient idea, but I still needed a long shower to get rid of the smell.
“Sweetheart, I don’t mean to be rude but what is that god awful smell? And I just got back from father’s right before you catapulted in the window.” She said as she walked into my room with out knocking. Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce Anastasia Robertson, heir to the Robertson line of pure blood Werecats, super rich and spoiled rotten, also my roommate and close(ish) friend. Yay for me.
“That’s what happens when a cat gets chased into a sewer my dear, of course you wouldn’t know anything about that, not with Daddy’s bodyguards surrounding you on every trip out side.” I told her bitterly.
“Well Aleca, you could have had some too. But you told me not to bother.”
“I’m a thief, and a Cat Burglar. Body guards would just get in the way.” I rolled my eyes, “Want some breakfast?”
“Not until you shower.” She announced wrinkling her delicate little nose in disgust. Rolling my eyes, I did in fact go to get a shower, and stayed in extra long just for her. By the time I got out it was noon and Anastasia already went to bed.
My luck was endless, just when I thought I had the apartment to myself the damned apartment buzzer went off! “Apartment 15 C.” I called into the damned buzzer.
“Aleca it’s me, buzz me through.” A male voice called through the small box on the wall.
“I have a better idea; I’ll come down to you.” Who in the hell? I grabbed my pack and left the apartment, through the front door. Waiting for me just outside was a man I hadn’t ever expected to see again. “Brayton? What the hell are you doing here?”
“I just decided to stop by for a chat love. And maybe a spot of tea?” Brayton Stardancer asked casually.
“Not on your life.” I laughed, “I thought you were being executed?”
“Me? Executed? What ever for?” He asked me sarcastically, “I was pardoned after I won an appeal. Apparently killing a man because he likes men was finally deemed a crime against Felines and a very human thing to do, you know how much they hate being referred to as humans. They believe themselves to be above every thing and one. Now are you going to keep me standing out here or are you going to let me in?”
“My roommate’s home so we’re going out my feline companion.” I smiled slyly as I opened the apartment door and stepped out into the afternoon sunlight.
“Alright then, so tell me what’s been happening since I was lead away in chains a couple of months ago?”
“Try two years ago.”
“Months, years it’s all the same to me. Now what’s been happening? And don’t leave anything out.” He latched on to my arm as we walked down the street. Filled him in on everything I felt he needed to know by the time we reached that late night Café I ran past last night. “Really that’s all that happened? I think you left out something love.”
“Oh like what?”
“Like that hunky Werewolf Tobias being back in town. I heard his father finally croaked and now he’s the Alpha dog of his clan. I also heard a certain black cat had a run in with the entire clan.”
“You heard all that did you?”
“Yes, from a little birdie who has been watching you. By the way you should really think about hiding that pack of yours when you leave by way of fire escape, any Joe walking in off the street could break in and steal your Catnip stash.”
“Only you would think of ca… hold the phone. I’m being watched? By who? Since when?”
“You didn’t know? The Councilors have been watching you since your squeeze got back the country.”
“He’s not my squeeze any more Brayton. He hasn’t been for the last twenty years, and you know that.” I said narrowing my eyes. The Councilors are watching me? Why?
“Yes I do but they don’t seem to care. I mean come on Aleca, a Werewolf? Of all the species you could have had a fling with.”
“First of Brayton, I wasn’t a Cat when we started dating, second of it’s not of your business nor anyone else’s who I decide to date. Now why are they watching me Brayton?”
“Quite frankly love, I don’t know. How long have you been in London? I thought you cursed this city and all its inhabitants’ years ago when you left for Spain. The Spanish Conquistador’s not all they’re cracked up to be?”
“I was only in Spain for four years Brayton. I thought we went through all this when you were visiting me in Paris three years ago? You know right before you were arrested? So what brings you back to London? I seem to remember you cursing the inhabitants’ right along with me.”
“My heart yearned for home soil?”
“Yeah I know.” He answered with a sigh. “Rehab.”
“For the Cat nip?”
“Yeah, it seems that I have a problem and I need to deal with it. Say you don’t have any on you do you?” His eyes were so very hopeful.
“No, even if I did I wouldn’t give it to you.” I laughed; we had reached a little bistro with amazing sirloin steaks and ducked inside. “How long has it been?”
“Uhg Three months! I’m dying I swear I am!” he said as we waited to be seated. A tall hostess lead us to the back of the bistro and once we were seated, handed us menus. “Let’s see what we’ve got here…” He thumbed through the menus single page as a waitress came up to our table. “To start I’ll have the Cranberry, Pear, Blue Cheese and Walnut Salad, then Caribbean Fish Curry and Rum Banana And Coconut Trifle for dessert.” He told her handing the menu over.
“And for you miss?”
“I’ll have Garlic Bread to start followed by a Sirloin Steak and Toffee Fudge Ice cream.” She took our menus and left. “Brayton you’ve been here for three months and you’re just calling on me now? What gives?!” I said playfully punching him in the arm.
“Rehab rules, we aren’t let back into the world of temptation until we have successfully lasted three months with out the nip. It’s pure torture I tell you!”
“How many times has your mum sent you to rehab now?”
“About twenty-six. She just doesn’t learn.” He said shaking his head. Brayton’s mother wasted a lot of money sending him to these rehabs, yet he never stayed clean for long, the stupid git. The rest of our meal was spent reminiscing about some of my more interesting heists and the spoils that resulted.

© 2009 Bec

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Forgot the rating!!!

Posted 13 Years Ago

I do love this. You should illustrate when Aleca and Brayton actually decide to go to dinner, and start off walking. I'm following the dialog and thinking they're standing outside the apartment in the afternoon sunlight and all of a sudden, he's ordering cranberry, pear, blue cheese and walnut salad...a bit confusing.

I love this though, please post more. Fantastic story and intriguing plot!!!!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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