A Poem by Beccy

A different thought stream and perspective to my poem 'Animate objects.'

Unlike the seemingly 
unbending structure 
of a century stood bridge,
I bend, grow old; 
which is a strength
iron does not possess.
Nor will it ever, because
although it exists,
it can only function
under instruction. 

It cannot see the horizon
be equally loved and lonely;
hear the farm dog bark,
or observe the morning mist
that shrouds its silhouette.
Nor can it ever despair,
which is a strength
I do not possess,
or would ever wish to;
it simply stands.

Sometimes though, at least,
I imagine this to be true,
it can feel the vibrations that 
course through its carbon content.
Though not so much as I do,
which is quite understandable 
given my content is higher,
my awareness heightened
by a knowledge of where
heaven and earth embrace.

Still and all, if only for a moment
I would like to be a bridge.
To span chasms as yet uncharted,
Instruct myself to observe the 
comings and goings of my species
through different eyes; peruse
the motion of the tide at leisure.
As chilled with dew, I shiver
in a silence made more still
by a suddenly observable 
early morning mist;
when the ghostly glide of a 
hunting owl among my buttressed 
cables, is one of the most beautiful
sights a bridge will never see.

© 2020 Beccy

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thought the personal perspective of the bridge was a great idea, Beccy,, you draw the reader in with some fine imagery, thought the last 4 lines were class, the bridge might never see the owl, but might feel the changing air current at the buttressed cables, great poem,

Posted 11 Months Ago

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dear Beccy... lovely view as seen by a century old Bridge...
the morning mist, ghostly glide of a hunting owl, the motion of the Tide at leisure...
You, Beccy are most definitely a writer of mystery and intrigue. I am spellbound.
truly, Pat

Posted 11 Months Ago


11 Months Ago

Thank you for your lovely words Patricia, so glad you enjoyed the poem.
A really beautiful offering here, comparing the strengths and weaknesses of a person and an old wooden bridge. Though the bridge is more durable than a human, all it can do is endure, whereas the person can feel "where heaven and earth embrace." For a moment the speaker thinks being a bridge would be nice, so the comings and goings of people could be watched over time, but then the beautiful glide of a hunting owl is observed, and the speaker realizes no inanimate object could ever be aware of such beauty. I hope this one has, or will be, published. It's great.

Posted 11 Months Ago

i think the bridges see many things...but can they feel them? no.
to be a bridge and span, maybe good for a few seconds...but i would rather be limited and love...
as your poem expresses...
we have so much technology now...but i always tell my can reason, you can feel emotion, computers and cell phones and ipads can't....they can only do what they are instructed to do.
I am so glad i am human...and can feel and love...
this poem is so good...

Posted 11 Months Ago


11 Months Ago

Yes, only for just a moment. Always, you see the essence jacob. Thank you so much.

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