A Poem by Beccy


When colour shone in my eyes,
when I loved you beyond desire,
shadows slipped into nothingness
and time had no place or meaning.

When I loved you, I loved without guile;
beyond the rainbow's pot of gold,
beyond even the countless stars
and the never ending sun.

And when I slept, I dreamed the dreams
of my childhood; a golden store of
memories, kept safe behind
the gateway to a different world.

Now, as love slips and laughter ends,
it is like the last fading of a flower;
leaving only a scented memory
locked deep in the immutable heart.  

© 2021 Beccy

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Heavy sigh...this one hangs in space with that weight of loves nostalgia. The kind that isn't necessarily happy or sad, but dare say, if you could have one more sip, you'd gladly take it and let it light your way once more, if only to satisfy the ghosts. As always...impeccable.

Posted 1 Month Ago

Your words make a broken heart to seam romantic just the way Edhar Allen Poe did.

sidetone: EA Poe is my favorite poet

Posted 1 Month Ago

........ This is so bloomin sad, darn near spoilt my weekend so ya did ..
ps only kiddin
pps just as well I am a big fan of yours innit .. this is another FAB post Beccy, you never let the side down, so do keep them coming ...

Neville :)

Posted 1 Month Ago

i write about what could have been, but i accept what is.
What if's could drive us crazy.
There was a time, and we could have done it differently. But I would not change a thing...everything done, said, written and felt in all these 70 plus years is what i am.

I am a fading flower myself, but maybe there is one more vibrant bloom left.

love this poem Beccy.

Posted 1 Month Ago

The days of vivid colour, scents and sounds and passion go so well together, along with the ease and comfort of life without constraints or demands, yet who amongst us has failed to see that colour tarnish and fade, along with the scents that become odours and sounds that echo duully in reminiscence?
To go into it without baggage is the best way to start, as more often than not you'll pick it up along the way anyway, sadly.
You capture the feelings, sights and sounds so we'll in this piece, that rings true for oh so many of us.

Posted 1 Month Ago

Falling in love makes everything seem so unreal. The feeling is so exhilarating. Shadows do disappear and time can't be measured. I can remember an overwhelming sense of contentment and wellbeing. It was so good to be alive. Then, when you lose that, yes you have memories but a sense of loss and fragility sets in. Poignant ending here Beccy. Lovely to read a post from you.


Posted 1 Month Ago

I look back and remember (which i've been told is one of my major faults) and think of what could have been. Poetry dangles at the very end of truth much like the scent of my roses only last when I am in the area of their blossoms. But leaving ( "all leaving") is theatre pressed flat against the glass of redemption. The older you get, I was once told, the more closely woven the carpet fibers feel. The velitation in this poem is a reminder of the wordy controversy loving another soul offers us. It's hard, you count the stars, then it is gone.... great poem. dana

Posted 1 Month Ago

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