Famous and Shameless: Chapter One

Famous and Shameless: Chapter One

A Chapter by Becky Lawrence

Nate wakes up feeling groggy and hungover. The smell of alcohol and a nameless girl's perfume clings to him. It's probably one in the afternoon, but Nate doesn't care what time it is, as long as he can have a quick smoke.
Nate leaves the bus to smoke. As he breathes out a puff of smoke, someone walks up to him. It's a girl that looks to be around twenty two. Nate notices how hot she is. Her hot pink hair frames her face perfectly, but her face isn't what Nate is interesting. It's her body that his eyes are on.
"Hey, can you help me?" She asks in a soft voice.
"With what?" Nate can't keep his eyes up. Her black tank top is practically taunting him.
"I'm lost... It sounds really stupid, but I am." The girl looks at Nate with caramel eyes. "I'm trying to find my way to Make A Move's bus. I'm an interviewer."
"This is the bus, and I'm the singer, so interview away." Nate takes a long puff of his cigarette. He turns to exhale, so he doesn't breathe the smoke in her face.
"Can I have a light?" The interviewer asks Nate. He nods and hands her his pack and lighter. "So, I'm Kat. What's your name?" She pulls out a pen and pencil.
"I'm Nate." He answers the question. He studies Kat's features. He tattooed arms, slim figure, pretty face, and the cliche hourglass figure. Nate thinks Kat noticed his eyes wandering, because she taps her foot and clears her throat loudly.
"Okay. How long have you been playing music?" Kat asks.
"I've been a part of the music business my whole life. My dad was a producer and would bring me to the studio sometimes." Nate snuffs out his cigarette under his foot.
Kat scribbles down his answer before going on. "Will you ever stop playing music?"
"Nope. Music is my life. I will be playing music even after I die, man." Nate doesn't know how that makes sense, but it sounds deep. He hopes it will impress Kat; make her want to stay for the after-show party tonight.
"What is the weirdest thing a fan has given you?" Kat speaks with a cigarette between her lips.
"Our fans give us weird things all the time, but one of the weirdest things I've gotten is a fan fiction. Getting a story is fine, but when it's a creepy fan fiction about me it gets weird. Next time you are at a computer, just search Nate O'Neil Fan Fiction and see what comes up. You will be scarred for life." Nate tries not to think about the crazy things fangirls will write about him.
"I'll pass." Kat laughs. Her laugh is light. "So, what is the most embarrassing moment you've had onstage?"
Nate doesn't have to think long about this answer. "I've drank to the point of falling off the stage, throwing up on stage, and then passing out... Ever since then I've decided to be relatively sober during concerts." He remembers that night with a small chuckle.
"You're a heavy drinker, I take it." Kat strays from the questions on her notepad.
"Yes. I tend to party a little too hard." Nate says. "Speaking of parties, do you want to stick around after the show?"
"I don't go to parties." Kat responds almost bitterly. "I'm not a drinker."
"You don't have to drink to go to parties! A ton of the crew members that party with us won't go near alcohol." Nate hopes he can convince her to come to the party.
"I still don't go to parties." Kat sounds angry now, but Nate is not going to give up now.
"If you come to the party and don't like it, we can go for a walk instead." Nate flashes his famous smile. It turns every girl's heart to mush.
But apparently there's one girl that doesn't fall for it. "I'm not going to any parties..." Kat sighs. "But I wouldn't mind going for a walk." Nope, the smile still works.
"Cool." He says.
"Well, we're out of time. I have to go interview some other bands. I'll be at the show tonight though." Kat winks as she waves goodbye.
Nate watches her as she leaves.
"She's so fine..." He mumbles to himself. "Better wash up, man, she doesn't seem like the kind of girl that goes for the greasy rocker types."

© 2011 Becky Lawrence

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Added on February 1, 2011
Last Updated on February 1, 2011
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Becky Lawrence
Becky Lawrence

I've been writing since seventh grade. It started as a hobby and became an addiction. I have become an insomniac because of the thoughts and ideas going on in my head. I will read most read request.. more..


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