A Story by Becky Lawrence

I just cut my fingers on my guitar. Ouch.

I glance at my fingers, wondering why they are throbbing with a dull pain. I notice little slices on the tips, and a good amount of blood flowing from them. I then look at the neck of my guitar, its smooth, dark wood stained in red. I frown because I have once again lost track of the time and played too much guitar.
I'm not even good at it, why do I practice this hard? If I was any good, and I had a reason to play, this would be understandable, but I don't. Maybe I should just give up. I'm no good and I hurt myself. Great. My mom gets pissed at me for never playing, but I play all the time. At least twice a week i play for hours on end.
But I love the music so much. And every time I pick up my guitar it makes me remember every reason I try so hard to become a sound technician. All I want in life is to be that person behind the scenes that makes the people on stage sound amazing.
Or maybe I want more. Do I want to be one of those people on the stage? No. No I don't. I am too shy and awkward. I can't even speak in front of a few people, how would I ever play in front of them? But. What if I got good? Would I get that confidence I need to be one of the people on stage, not just a techie?
Maybe this is all just stupid fantasies, and I will never achieve any of it. I will never be in a band. I will never be a technician. Hell, I probably won't even have anything to do with music.
But I shouldn't give up. I have to keep trying. Every one around me doubts my abilities, so I have to prove them wrong. If I don't become who I want to be, than I failed at showing every one that the slacker they thought I was is now a successful person. I need to be someone more. Someone that is actually needed.

© 2011 Becky Lawrence

Author's Note

Becky Lawrence
It got off topic fast. Or did it? Maybe it is all connected. But it is probably just random piles of thought.

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Theres nothing wrong with random piles of thought, it's good to get your own thoughts on paper... or computer screen... moving on.
This was creative in a weird way, please keep on writing, i enjoy your stuff greatly:)
Sorry i haven't been reading your stuff lately, been busy:)

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on July 7, 2011
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Becky Lawrence
Becky Lawrence

I've been writing since seventh grade. It started as a hobby and became an addiction. I have become an insomniac because of the thoughts and ideas going on in my head. I will read most read request.. more..