Her smile was holding me together

Her smile was holding me together

A Poem by Timewithoutgesture

Remembering a friend, almost lover can be devastating. An abandon house, revisiting her essence is the only thing this man has.

I kneeled down in the cobwebs of your rundown house. The furniture,still has hints of your fragrance but maybe it's just my imagination. In reality the house smells bitter,I'm glad you could leave it behind.

I visualized you and I, especially the times we laughed and hugged. I hugged you like it was the last hug I'd receive. We were meant for each other,at least a little more than best friends.

I remember every time from the firat to the last. I blame my future on this past. A moment of clearity doesn't arrive. I'm mad at myself for staying alive.

I rue this day, this house, this life,
I burn and cut myself with this name of a knife. A dagger, and multiple stabs to the heart. You watch in the distant,entertained while I fall apart. I'm glad you're glad that I'm sad,that smile lives so swell. Laughing at my well deserved agony, oh well.

Laugh at me, I not only want you to but, I need you to. It'll keep me from bleeding out,your smile is my patch. Your eyes are my escape, your bruises are my scrape. Couldn't well enjoy my company, rather lay on a nail bed. She never said that,but it's in my head that she prefers me good as dead.

© 2020 Timewithoutgesture

Author's Note

I'm only sorry about my poor use of grammar, and maybe English in general

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Added on October 18, 2020
Last Updated on October 18, 2020



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