A Poem by Bell-lala

this is a poem that needed to be made for someone whose been there when i truly needed them

Im here to give an apology.
To you, especially.
When I had given up on life
And yet you still had faith in me.

I'm sorry for the days you tried to dry my tears that was only to no avail.
I never wanted you to learn of my pain that plauged me for so long.
I lost faith in everything.
And yet you're the one who noticed that something was wrong.

My days were darkendto the thickest of black.
It felt almost as if I was in the deepest of decay.
My life felt like it was worth nothing,
In that bitter month of May.

It wasnt just in May where sleep and darkness became my closest friends.
But it was for a long time where i cant even count any more,
where all of my physical pain was left as a secret.
I brought It upon my self and told no one, letting it bleed right through the core.

All of these crazy thoughts clouded my mind.
My mind was starved, drained, burned and wilted.
I felt useless of the finest feeling.
My heart was imprisoned in a cage not so guilded.

I couldn't bare the weight of pain that crushed my very being.
My lungs burned with fluid chocking my breathing.
My throat was on fire, roaring a deep turn inside me.
It was as If the sadness was a rage forever seithed.

My story wasn't worth any ones time.
And yet you made it a priority to help me.
Why me?
You could have easily let this be.
But you went out of your way.
Your kindness has dug me out of so much; you will never even know.
You will never understand what youve done.
I just didn't see the sunlight you were trying to show.

I just didn't see love.
I just didn't see true genuine kindness.
I just didn't see the point of life.

Thank you.
For all that you have done.
And I also apologize for not letting you in.
For denying your aid's ton.

© 2013 Bell-lala

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Added on March 9, 2013
Last Updated on April 3, 2013



Well, I love to write poetry, although I really don't describe myself as a poet. I like to do it for fun ^-^ As long as I have my friends and family, than I'm the luckiest person alive! They all mean.. more..


A Poem by Bell-lala