Hush Now Little One

Hush Now Little One

A Poem by Bell-lala

If i hide in the dark shadows of this room,
Whose to say another will find me?
I blend in so well, and cover my scars.
No one will know.
No one will discover.

If I cry a silent river,
Whose to say I will show it?
Love is what I seek but can't seem to find.
You, were once my everything.
I needed you.
Deepened on you.
Loved you with every once of blood and care in my body.
But where were you?
Where were you?

There used to be a time where I would be your shadow.
I would copy your very being.
I wanted to be just like you, didn't I?
I looked up to you.
Envied you.
You were my once my everything.

Nothing seemed to bathe me in a sense of safety or happiness.
I just fell into a deep sleep one dark afternoon.
I woke up, into a pitch black room where you stood.
You had suddenly returned with open arms, expecting me to follow.

But where were you?

If I lay my head back, and watch my blood trickle down...
Whose to say you would notice?
Whose to say I, myself, would even notice.
I hold my tears behind open eyes everyday I come to encounter you.
These emotions twirl around me and slowly crush my body, more and more with in each day.
My ribs have broken.
My heart has torn.
My blood just keeps leaving me.
After gash
After gash...

And than you look to me and say...
I love you.
With a smile on my face I say..
I love you too.

© 2017 Bell-lala

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Added on March 31, 2013
Last Updated on March 1, 2017



Well, I love to write poetry, although I really don't describe myself as a poet. I like to do it for fun ^-^ As long as I have my friends and family, than I'm the luckiest person alive! They all mean.. more..


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