A Poem by Bell-lala

You were once something so real.
The truest of love that did steal
But how could I be so blind?
And how could I have fallen from a mountain I never even climbed?
How could I have loved you, dear?
How could I have given you my everything, so near?
I hate you
For all of the things that you've done and continue to do.
It's been a year and three months now,
And all I wanna know, is how?
How are you still keeping me in your thoughts?
You've been out of mine for so long 
Since you've been gone.
So why are you trying to interfere in my life once more?
For the first time, I've found something I can adore,
More than I thought I ever could again.
What are you trying to amend?
What are you fighting for?
You're just going to break yourself done to the core.
I have something so beautiful, and pure.
This was my medicine; my cure.
This beauty takes place in one form; one person.
I hope you're looking to the sky and cursing'
because I've found my one true happiness,
And It's a place where your presence is an irrelevance.
I'm so sorry, you feel the need to try and tear me down again.
But this hell you re trying to fabricate, will fail once sent.
You and I just stay on the front lines,
Staring back into each other's minds.
I couldn't care less what you do to me.
You could shoot me, rip my bones out and disable me to see.
I'm actually encouraging you to do so,
Because looking at you makes me want to die in the first place.
I just can't stomach you.
I'm sorry.
But you re gone, and I'm happy.
Look at my perfect love story now, 
And realize how much better I am without you.
Get out
Get out
Get out.

© 2013 Bell-lala

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Added on May 21, 2013
Last Updated on May 21, 2013



Well, I love to write poetry, although I really don't describe myself as a poet. I like to do it for fun ^-^ As long as I have my friends and family, than I'm the luckiest person alive! They all mean.. more..

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A Poem by Bell-lala

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