Deadly Addiction

Deadly Addiction

A Story by Bella-Marie

Like a fire burning through me, I felt agnoizing need rip my lungs apart.


It's night time, I told myself sternly, All the dairys will be shut!


But my subconcious was one step ahead of my thoughts.


But 24/7 Superette is still open.


I was out of the house and hitting the pavement before I had fully registered my act. No, I thought angrily, This is stupid! I should be able to hold out until morning!!!


My feel angrily pounded the hard concrete path. Up ahead, I could see the huge, illuminated 24/7 sign on the tall, thick pole. Cursing myself, I walked in.


The lady behind the counter looked thrilled to see a person come to buy something. She sat up in her chair eagerly.


"What would you like to buy, ma'am?" she asked with unnecassary excitement. I sighed, feeling sorry for her.

"A packet of Delicious Sensations," I replied, waiting for the usual reaction - surprise, then resentment. Most people stopped being nice to me then. If someone looked like they thought I was a nice-looking person, they usually changed their mind - I brought a packet of Delicious Sensations every shopping trip.


This poor lady was so eager that she didn't care what I was buying. She scanned the product and I reached into my pocket, brought out the required ammount of money and pressed it into her palm.


I snatched the cigarettes from her, shoved it in my pocket and ran before she could give me the change. She deserved a tip anyway, I decided, smiling at her happiness.


A street away from the Superette, I pulled out the cigarette packet and plucked a cigarette. I replaced the packet and swapped it for my trusty yellow bic lighter. I lit the cigarette and felt the delicious sensation of cigarette smoke enter my lungs. My legs felt weak with relief.


When the cigarette finished I dropped it on the ground and stamped on it. I realized my foot burned slightly with this action - I wasn't wearing shoes, such was my haste to be freed of the pain before the cigarette.


Walking home, I realized I was in only my underwear and nightgown. This, however, didn't bother me.


Until I saw the shadow of a stranger.


S**t, I thought, What is that guy gonna do?!


He quickened his pace, and before I could too, he had his arms around me. The muscles were locked tight.


I tensed, and took a deep breath to scream.


He realized what I was going to do, and slapped me. It shut me up - the pain was overwhelming.


He pushed me roughly to the ground and I realized, again, that I was wearing only underwear and a nightgown. I'm so vulnerable, I realized.


His hands thrust themselves up my nightgown.



After all that pain, all that torture, he stood again, and, without warning, pulled a pocket knife from his jeans.


Even after I let you violate my body and scar me forever, you will take away my life?


The slash across the throat was almost painless.

© 2009 Bella-Marie

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you kept me locked in from the beginning because I related to the character who struggled with the same thoughts on delicious sensations; I love that wrote "waiting for the usual reaction - surprise, then resentment." because again, it is something I have experienced but never knew how to put into words or recognize. I felt all the shame here and then at the end saw your vulnerability and final acceptance. Good components here to engage an audience yet still show the writer's personality.

Posted 12 Years Ago

I'm not too particular to pieces like this. I was a lot darker in my youth, but I do appreciate the amount of emotion writing like this can bring out. The anxiety for that cigarette and the adrenaline surge of the attack was really well written. I also appreciate the fact that you can create a story with so much emotion and action with such a short length. Good job!

Posted 13 Years Ago

Aww. I liked this because I did not see partially naked and getting attacked coming. I thought it was going to be about the negative connotation this particular addiction brings.

Posted 13 Years Ago

I loved the story. It was amazing, and the sad part is that it could actually happen to someone. Again, I loved it and I can't wait to read more of your work.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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