Beach Party: Chapter Two

Beach Party: Chapter Two

A Chapter by Bella-Marie


I look up at the sky - the sun is quickly setting - it must be about six o'clock. How time has flown! I've been so busy looking after people, being the good host... ah, It's all gotten to my head!
The flow of people has stemmed to a sort of thin trickle, so I take the moment to cart my presents quickly from the hiding spot and into my car. They'll be safe there.
Walking back, I see Sally, yet another can in her hand.
"Oi!" I holler over the loud music playing in the marquees, "What number is this one?"
"Third!" she replies steadily, "And I'm not ever drunk yet!"
I give her a grin, and say warningly "Don't get too drunk and do NOT drink and drive."
Sally just makes a "Pffffft" noise and turns her back to me.
I can hear whooping and splashing, and so go see what the fuss is about. Along the way, I catch a bit of conversation with Annikha, steal a kiss from my boyfriend Jukes and give a late guest a hug of welcome. Finally, I make it to the beach, where about four pissed high school students are playing with a dilapidated beachball. Huge waves are rearing up behind them, sometimes picking them up and dunking them, but they don't seem to mind. "Mate!" one says to the other, "Y-Y-You'd better pass to me buddeeeeee becaush I'm not as stoooooned as yeeeew!"
My breath catches in my throat. I march up to them, getting my ankles wet. 
"You're stoned!?" I scream at them, "What the F**K do you think you're playing at? What are you smoking, dumb-arses?!"
One of them, Sally's older brother (chip off the old block she is) yelled back "We've got some marijuana and it's all gone, so SHAME!"
The go back to their antics in the water.
I'm incensed. But it's my party. I can't have some stoned losers muck it up. I stride out of the water and back to the most populated marquee.


This marquee is packed, and the smell of alcohol and bodies crammed together is almost unbearable - but the music is good and the beat is going, and I can't let myself down like I did at Morga's birthday. I shouldn't have gone home. The party didn't get out of control - why would this one?
I see Abbey stomping towards me, her face screwed up with passionate anger. I rush to her, and her face calms slightly.
"Some High school jerks are merrily frolicking in the water," she says spitefully, "Honestly, the dicks! They're f*****g stoned like a Hippie, I shouldn't have invited them..."
"They're here to have a different sort of fun," I soothe, and Abbey laps up my sympathy and suggestions. "Let's go to the foot Marquee," I say brightly, and Abbey nods. I'm thrilled to have an excuse to get away from the stinky packed tent for a thinly populated place with lots of finger food.
We nibble on chicken nuggets and make small talk with a few people. Abbey's frown seems to melt off her face as a warm smile replaces it. While she's chatting to one of her mates, I excuse myself to go toilet. Two portaloos were hired for the occasion.


God. God, please, are you listening? God... this is f*****g awesome as. I'm f*****g pissed and it's beautiful.
"Oh s**t. Gordon?"
I stagger around and come face to face with Emily. S**t. I'm in trouble.
"What's the bloody problem, Gordon? Huh?" Her face is blurring and smudging. She's gorgeous. Hot. Sexsssssssssy...
"GORDON!" I snap out of it. Her scream warps her face into an ugly E.T looking monster. I giggle hysterically and Emily, angered, slaps me. The force plants me on my arse and I find it awfully funny. I begin laughing again.
Another slap. F**k off Emily! But she's screaming in my face, angry, angry, ANGRY. I growl under my breath. The b***h! Why is she slapping and screaming???
I stagger to my feet and feebly punch her nose. She freezes, horrified. I find some anger boiling inside me, and whack her again. Her nose starts to leak and sort of... red fluid...
"F**k Gordon," she says in a wavering voice, "We're over. We're so over. I don't know you."
But I'm only half-listening.
Ah, sleeeeeep...

© 2010 Bella-Marie

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I really like this story so far. It has some interesting, believable characters, and so far the plot seems to be developing nicely. There's drama and some humour too, almost like a real party. It also kind of reminds me of the OC, or some show like that.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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