Beach Party: Chapter Three

Beach Party: Chapter Three

A Chapter by Bella-Marie


Emily's walking up to me. Her nose is bleeding, her eyes are leaking and her breath is hiccoughy.
I tear away from the friends I was talking to and run to her.
"Dear lord, baby sister!" I gasp and she runs towards me, sobbing outright.
"I dumped Gordon," she cried into my shoulder, "He's drunk as a headless chicken and he's... out of his mind. Kick him out Abbey. I hate him. I never loved him."
"Shhh," I soothe, leading her to her friend, Michelle. "Ems!" Michelle says worriedly, taking Emily from me. I hug Emily one last time, and walk away.
Garreth runs up to me. "What's wrong with that girl?" he asks excitedly. Garreth is is sucker for interesting situations. "Dumped her boyfriend because he's pissed," I say tightly, "And that girl is my sister." Garreth looks guilty. I smile and we both relax.
"Ashlee dumped me yesterday," he says nochalantly, and I stand up a little straighter. Garreth might love interesting situations, but he's hot, cute and very considerate about his girlfriend's feelings.
"I'm free," I say cautiously, but Garreth doesn't catch the tone.
"Excellent," he enthuses, "How about coffee tomorrow afternoon?"
Garreth pulls me in for a hug, his lanky arms encasing me and his tall stature comforting. I duck out and giggle, make and exscuse to run and sprint off to tell Holly the news!!!


I watch Abbey run off, her dainty stature flowing and genteel. A shiver of anticipation sneaks up my spine - a date with the hottest girl at Varisty! I grab a bottle of beer that was half-finished beside me, and glug it down. Then I spot the Rum and Coke sitting there on the table. Oh my gosh. Yum. Delicious! My favourite alcoholic drink!
It slids down my throat and my tastebuds roar with approval.
About five minutes later, I'm on cloud nine. Girl's walk past, their faces gorgeous in the dim light, their figures perfect in the shadows. I don't bother trying to chat them up. I'm waiting for someone special to come past.
Sure enough, Abbey comes sashaying to me, her eyes wide and bright, her smile perfect, her body... wonderful.
Abbey's been downing a few in joy, too. When I once again go to hug her, I can smell the alcohol on her breath, and she can on mine, but I think we're too pissed to give a flying f**k.
We let go of each other and, still holding hands, walk out to the side of the water. We hug again, and then Abbey tilts her face towards mine.
When we break apart, we've used up a lot of our energy... but that tingling all through me is... sensational... I try to push her down onto the damp sand.
Abbey kicks me hard in the groin, into the water. It comes up all around me, my face is submerged. When I surface, she's stalked away.


Out of the corner of my eye I see a guy try to push a girl to the ground, but she kicks him into the water and walks away.
The drunk university student is doing exactly the same thing to me - I'm just not strong enough to say no.
But the girl's strength seems to seep into me. I struggle to a sitting position, pummel at the mans face and stand. I pull my pants on properly and sprint away. I don't go back to the maruqee. I go straight to my car. I jump in and drive away.
I'm only 17. Why does this have to happen to me?

© 2010 Bella-Marie

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