An Even Horror Story

An Even Horror Story

A Poem by Bella-Marie

The paragraphing and such is horrific, but I am obsessed with even numbers and this was a good way for me to write... Warning has violence!

Of course,
I didn't
want us
to end
this way.

Yes, we
once loved
each other.

But his
drinking and
my infidelity
changed all
of that.

One night,
whilst he
was watching
the sports
channel with
a beer
in one
hand, my
lover came
to our
house and
declared his
everlasting love
for me.

My husband
was mortified
and ordered
me out
of the
house like
a dog.

I was
not pleased.

I had
paid good
money for
that house!

I stayed
with my
lover, and
there I
hatched a
cunning plan.

It was
daringly simple,
and yet
he would
never had
seen it 
coming, as
I am 
a very
calm person...

When I
crept into
the house,
armed with
a cleaver,
he was
sitting with
his beer
at the
telly, watching
the Sport.

When I
stabbed him
in the
back, he
didn't scream
with pain
like I 
wanted him
to, and
so I 
stabbed him
once again.

Then he
began to
gurgle and
shriek in
a most
satisfying way.

I gave
my husband
a quick
peck before
I slit
his throat.

Me and
my lover
fled to 
Ireland, where
we changed
our names
and got 
on with 
a happy
new life.

Until I
found lovely
Johnny at 
work, and
my lover
found the
Poker machines...

But that 
is another
story, but
I think 
you can 
guess how
it goes.

© 2010 Bella-Marie

Author's Note

PLEASE excuse me from the paragraphing and the setting out! It's terrible, but I like it.

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Yeah, the paragraphing was a little hard to read, but I got the hang of it. Eventually. The only part I didn't like is that you said: 'he would never had seen it coming,' when it makes better sense to me to put: 'he never would have seen it coming' or 'he would have never seen it coming.' Either way, it's your piece, and it's fantastically gory as it is.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Hahahaha. I love it. It was Fantastic

Posted 10 Years Ago
please join the contest(:

Posted 10 Years Ago

can you please write a continuation, because Im really curious to
see where you are taking this, lovers on the run Wow, what a plot!
i mean, how graphic and conceptualized. awsome job.

Posted 10 Years Ago

the colors sure did a good way of keeping my eyes glued to the screen. it started out quite peacefully, then suddenly the hair on the back of my neck stood as she kills him. the end also brings the echo of yet another suspense, and the whole poem/story spoke of an entire, horrifying, yet mysterious personality. great job.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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