The Latest Project

The Latest Project

A Story by Bella-Marie

Greusome. Ish.

Her fingernails scratch my arms desperately, but determinedly ignore her. We're so close! Why does she have to slow us down with her kicking and shouting?
She suddenly goes limp in my arms, and I easily hoist her up the steps. As I do so, she whispers "Don't. Please... d-d-don't." Her terrified face, illuminated by the soft moonlight, is shimmering with sweat.
I snort. Pleads fall deaf on my ears. I tell her so as I lug her through the doorway. Her lower back snags on the doorframe and she cries out with pain. The scream is like honey. It makes my mouth water. Without thinking about it, I bend my head and bite her collarbone. The metallic taste of blood stings my tastebuds.
She gives a great gasp and slumps in my arms. She's fainted. I snort again and close the door behind me.
Out of the darkness issues a cool, impatient voice. "You have the victim?" asks the voice, and the owner steps out of the shadows, into the dim light. I hold her up to him. He takes her, gently, and examines her. "Perfect," he murmurs, "Exactly the right colour hair, too..." as he looks over her, he notices the teeth marks on her collarbone, still bleeding, and looks up at me. "You bit her?" he says, amused, "Well, it's not the worst thing you've done..."
The memory of ripping that poor brunette's hair from her head flashes through my mind. "You didn't need her hair that time!' I protest, and he laughs at his own recollection.
"Fair point," he agrees, "Now, for this project I also need a girl with great legs."
I nod once, and flit out of the door. Out of the shadow another project comes wandering in to see the latest victim.

I pull my cloak more securely around me and walk in the direction of the Club again.

© 2010 Bella-Marie

Author's Note

Do you get a 'project' is? Do you get it at all?

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Added on November 25, 2010
Last Updated on November 25, 2010



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