Rainbow Horrors

Rainbow Horrors

A Story by Bella-Marie

:) Erm, maybe not. :

He slams his palm into my face. I hear a bang, and then I feel the pain. It's so vivid, the pain, I can see its colour. It's violet. Bright, vivid violet. Purple like the bruise that will surely develop. How am I going to hide this one from Mama?
Stumbling home, engrossed with pain, I feel tree roots tangle around my ankles and I fall, gracefully, turning so that I smash the back of my head on the concrete. Electric blue sparks swarm my vision, and then when they fade all I can see is the pale afternoon sky, cornflower blue. Blue, like how I feel.
He's been following me. Now he laughs at me, lying on the sidewalk. He hauls me up against my will and pulls me close. I begin to struggle. Laughing harder, he yanks my chin up and licks my neck slowly, slow enough to make me shudder with disgust. When I faces me again, his eyes are green like deadly acid. Green acid seeping from his saliva into my skin, poisoning me.
He forces me to the ground, and I bang my already sore head on the pavement. With a swift movement, he flings my t-shirt over my face. All I can see, hear, smell, feel and taste is yellow for a split second, and then I can feel what he is doing to me and the yellow is an ememy. I battle with my t-shirt, trying to get past it so I can stop him using me in a way that makes me feel excited and horrified at the same time. I push the excitement away. It's yellow, happy, like my t-shirt.
He hasn't finished. He lifts his hands and I pull my t-shirt down. I can see him. His eyes are blank with... with what? I don't know. Then he pulls down my jeans. I scream, and my scream is desperate, it's loud and it's fluro, fluro orange. Like a help sign. Easy to recognise. But no one recognises it and he doesn't bother stopping me as he attacks me so brutally I vomit... and the vomit is the same colour as my scream.
And then my scream is blocked halfway to my lips as yet more pain stops it. Pain across my throat, then the tickle of blood. No wonder I can't scream. I lift my left hand's fingers to my throat, dip it in the liquid there and hold it to my eyes. Crimson. Deep, gorgeous crimson. More pain, dragging down my wrist, then he snatches the other. With a smile, I watch him dig the blade deep and push it brutally towards my elbow. I feel the pain moments later. I watch the blood surge forth, like a dam has been burst. He stands, then sprints away. I can't move my head the pain is so bad, so I don't watch him flee. I can't breathe, the air is catching at the deep slit, warm blood is gushing over me, down my chest, pooling around my wrists. My vision is spotted, spotted with red spots, dark, beautiful, crimson red, my lungs are on fire, my wrists are searing.....


© 2011 Bella-Marie

Author's Note

Scary as shit. It was freaky to write. I hope this never happens to anyone.

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This is really intense. You took something so bright as a rainbow and gave it such an edge. I agree with Micheal's comments on yellow, but either way this is definitely well done!!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Definately an interesting take on the colors of the rainbow.

On blue, second to last sentence:
When I faces me again, I assume you mean when he faces me again.

I really wasn't feeling yellow, especially the taste of yellow. It kind of pulls me from the narrative a bit and I think with a bit of time and creativity you could make it work.

Also for red, If you mention the pain when her throat is slit you should also mention the choking, the gasping for air and the cold numbness she feels as she bleeds out alone on the pavement. I think that would give red alot more power as sometheng truly horrifying.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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