Broken Angels

Broken Angels

A Poem by LilyM;)

I was angry and confused and stressed out


Trapped inside my heart of stone

Beating killing me slowly as the flood gates hold now the crimson tide

Darkness creeping in the corner

Clinging to the chains that bind me here


Storm clouds gather, near above my head

Lighting threatens to steal my sanity, soul

Hiding in the ruins and the walls begin to crumble

The floor is falling from neath my feet and

Even the stones begin to mumble


Stop! I’m falling, so far,

Falling too fast to be saved,

Fast so my world blurs by the diamonds flooding down my cheeks

Only slowed by the fiery sword edge

No stopping the rush, lost, lost


Seeking refuge from the squall in the black and white

Is that a crime?

My broken angels carry me on wings of love

Above the crashing waves, just enough so I can breathe

We hold together the ashes of her broken heart

And search for the charming prince of the princess

Happily ever after,

Sisters written in the spilled blood of us child warriors


Softly Death she calls sweetly,

See the perfection just out of reach?

Perfect peace forbidden until Daddy says,

He who loves me, this I know

But I’m so lost, can’t find His light

Cry, cry for her, baby girl

The one supposed to teach me how to live

Mother may I?

Tell me just how I’m supposed to breathe,

So tightly bound by ropes of well meaning contradictions


STOP! I’m falling, so far,

Falling too fast to be saved,

Fast so my world blurs by the diamonds flooding down my cheeks

Only slowed by the fiery sword edge

No stopping the rush, lost, lost


I can wait no longer here, but where to go?

The roads are hidden while my mind lies to me

Up is down, worst is best, left is right

Darkness is disguised as the light

The moon is waning

Stealing away its silver shining

So I can’t see the path ahead

The thing with feathers still perches on my soul

But I fear its

Growing older, growing jaded

And I don’t think I will survive


My reflection is stronger than I

Despite the wounds of demon war

Stand strong, my angel

Till I find my way and stand like a soldier

For you with my battered wings that

Might one day fly again


Maybe I will find the answer soon for us both

Might be closer than it seems

The miles mean nothing when our lives

Are so similar strange

Fight side by side with our to end

With weapons forged of sheer stubbornness

The music that feeds our souls

And doesn’t judge us broken angels  

© 2009 LilyM;)

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wow! Tis was very deep! I liked it! :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

I know where you sleep at night. Haha now that that's out of the way... Good job buddy:) I know who you are but you don't know who I am! I'll leave you some clues... You are quite clever. :) The poem was tight too just saying.

Posted 11 Years Ago

This is great it has a sort of power to it that forces meto keepreading

Posted 11 Years Ago

Grate poem :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

Wow! Great poem! Very intriguing anf powerful! I loved it! :D

Posted 11 Years Ago

Oooo...this sent shivers down my spine more than once. It was very powerful, and your writing skills executed it perfectly, in my opinion. I'm surprised I find your works not frequently reviewed; you truly have a talent!
Keep writing, Lily!

Posted 11 Years Ago

Wow !
This is written well (:
good job !

Posted 11 Years Ago

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