Pohjan Matka - A Northern Journey

Pohjan Matka - A Northern Journey

A Story by Janna Ruusuvuori

This is the beginning of a long journey to the stars.. Click on the headers to the waves. I'm looking for fellow writers, artists, players and talented people to turn this story into an epic journey.


Breathe the spirit free with air,
Build the love that was never there,

Follow the waters and the song of the frogs,
To a far away land of magical bogs,

Deep in the forests lie elves and faeries,
Mushrooms and roots and all kinds of berries,

When you are weary bathe in the lakes,
It is the place that perfect sense makes.


Thousands of years ago a new god reigned the sky and he enshrowded the world in darkness. He consumed men's hearts with power with a force so great that it was difficult to bare and overcome. The men faught and they fueled the fire with their rage. And for thousands of years it persisted, and the faith and the belief in this god consumed the world of men. This god put false gods in the sky, the silver sun and the golden moon. The years past, decades past, and what seemed like an eternity that never ended, the darkness persists.

People ran from the darkness, but eventually it caught up with them. People ran to colder climates, to warm deserts, to stifling heat, to freezing winters, they went as far as they could. But what they did not realise, they took the darkness with them. They carried it everyday, and there was nowhere they could hide.

The wise witch far in the north saw this coming, saw the darkness enveloping the hearts of men, and she hid the silver moon and the golden sun and all the truths that came with them safe in the north. She kept them hidden while the one god ruled the hearts of men and consumed the land.

And she waited in different forms, transforming into different beings characters and faces, and she waited for the right time to show her true face and to return the silver moon and the golden sun back into the heavens.

It was a long long wait. In the time when the waters rise, people begin to feel. They begin to feel that something was wrong, something did not work, and they could not continue on the path of darkness and destruction any longer.

The waters rose, feelings that were long since buried resurfaced. This was a frightening time for the children and the men of earth, of the land, as the waters rose.

It was a turning point. There were two choices. And the witch of the north waits, hoping that her children will choose wisely.

(image above of Louhi: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Louhi-305163148)

Waters rise

The waters rise

They rise
The waters rise higher
The waters rise
They rise
The waters are rising
The waters rise

The birds soar higher
The fish swim deeper
The bees buzz around in the flowers on the ground

As the waters rise

The waters rise
The giants can't swim
And now it's grim
For their fait they will fall
They will fall down to earth
And the giants will fall
In mother earth's rebirth

As the waters rise
As the waters rise
They giants will fall
The giants will fall

And down they go
One by one
As the birds soar
The fish will swim
The bees buzz around
To the flowers on the ground

As the waters rise
As the waters rise

© 2014 Janna Ruusuvuori

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Added on September 24, 2014
Last Updated on September 24, 2014
Tags: Finland, Middle-Earth, Nature, Land, Stars, Moon, Sun, Silver, Gold, Diamond


Janna Ruusuvuori
Janna Ruusuvuori


A rose blood red with black thorns grow in a tower turning the hour; the waves flow as the tune follow the path of pan's pipes. The map is in pieces with many a creases, folding the love within; like .. more..