A Poem by Belle Starr

Shot to the heart - I'm not to blame!


Foolish are those who love,

And have no love in return.

To dream that one will be there

Although you are not a concern.

So, what do you do when

Your Heart’s not your own?

Do you quit even trying?

Spend your life all alone?

No!  Not me! Not me at all!

I refuse to live life without fun!

I will start living again, Ev’n tho,

My half-witted Heart’s on the run.

A crazy thing about excitement,

Old memories soon become dim.

Your Heart peeks in at your door, and says,

He has come back to you on a whim.  

In response to your Heart’s desire,

“No, you can’t come back for today.

I am having too much fun for you,

It’s time for adventure and play!”

The Heart is broken up about

Your refusal for his humble return.

“Please don’t cry, you little Soft Heart,

You have a huge lesson to learn.”

“I have a loving position for you,

Of its location, my lips are sealed!

You can only return to live there,

When you have totally, utterly healed!”

My lonely Heart went so sadly..

So sadly, All alone on his way..

“After all,” he said to himself,

“Tomorrow is another (new) day.”

© 2018 Belle Starr

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sometimes we just can`t seem to forget,and we wait in hoping

Posted 3 Years Ago

Belle Starr

3 Years Ago

Hey, Word! It's not time to forget yet, even if I could. Hope is a good thing.

3 Years Ago

yeah,i know
Very nice, and wise advice too!

But, oh dear, I found another one, teach!

'Your Heart peaks in at your door, and says'
In this, 'peaks' should be 'peeks'.

Put down that wet lettuce leaf — I don't need a face rub, thank you very much! :D

Another good read. Thank you.

Posted 3 Years Ago


3 Years Ago

Farts are generally smelly, and you guys are nuts to have struck up such a wacky conversation......(.. read more
Belle Starr

3 Years Ago

Wacky is my middle name. It works perfectly well with Belle Starr... LOL

3 Years Ago kidding :p
This poem essentially encapsulates my life right now...from the first two stanzas (especially) the end (bits and pieces....not's hard when you're surrounded by lovers, but have no love in return - lol). This is well done anyway as a whole. You weave it nicely throughout with some juicy lines and strong imagery. Much enjoyed! Your musicality is a bit wonky in a few places (namely Stanza 3 Line 3; and Stanza 5 Line 3), but it's a very good poem as a whole. Well done!

Posted 3 Years Ago

Belle Starr

3 Years Ago

I got it from my mom as well.... I am a huge fan of old movies.

3 Years Ago

............8O..........I grew up on the classics!!..... comedic classics, but still the classics. I.. read more
Belle Starr

3 Years Ago

I will do just that!

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Added on March 4, 2018
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Belle Starr
Belle Starr


I am a simple minded person with simple ideas. more..


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