The Road that Led to You

The Road that Led to You

A Poem by Belle Starr

It's a long and winding road.


The road that led to you,

A lengthy hard ride.

Hills and steep valleys,

My endurance is tried.




A heartless affair,

Oh, how it stung.

Why would this happen

Against one so young?


Jealousy abounded.

Now fatally burned.

This feeling’s futile.

A lesson now learned.




Why would one’s anger,

Lead to cruel blows?

Hiding the secret,

So, nobody knows.


Fear! It thrived!

Now mortally burned.

This feeling’s futile.

A lesson now learned.




Escape from life

With illegal potions.

Caused such hate and

Irresponsible notions.


Great loneliness grew!

Now gravely burned.

This feeling’s futile.

A lesson now learned.




Time has passed.

You’ve endured hating.

I offer patience.

I’m still here waiting.


There is no accounting

For the long pain you’ve felt.

I offer kindness.

Will your injured heart melt?


You’ve lost all belief,

Have burdens to bear.

I offer trusted faith,

And unwavering care.


Life's just there waiting,

Our future in clear view.

I found my new beginning,

On the road that led to you.

© 2018 Belle Starr

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Potent piece...might rip a few hearts out on the road home from the cafe.
Thanks for sharing.

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Heart wrenching write, quite intriguing as well, nicely written

Posted 2 Years Ago

I'm wondering as I wandered through this piece if the two ever reunite after the ups and downs of this heartfelt love?

Posted 3 Years Ago

Belle Starr

3 Years Ago

To be honest with you, this piece is about me. I went through some hardships in several relationshi.. read more
Mari' Emeraude

3 Years Ago

Oh cool. Well I wish you the best
Belle Starr

3 Years Ago

Thank you so much. You never know what is around the corner.
What an interesting excursion through a stormy romance. Life is full of twists and turns as much as those roads that lead us to where we might belong. I enjoyed the read.

Posted 3 Years Ago

Belle Starr

3 Years Ago

Hey Fabian, thank you for stopping by to read my poem. This poem is more or less about learning fro.. read more
Wow! Talk about gut-wrenching emotion and baring your heart and soul!
This is a real tour de force, Belle. It runs the full gamut of emotions and depicts birth, death and rebirth of a romance graphically.

Posted 3 Years Ago

Belle Starr

3 Years Ago

Wow, Iron! Talking about hitting the nail on the head. It's funny, when you live life, you gain un.. read more
The Iron Horseman

3 Years Ago

You are very welcome, Belle.
what a flow of emotions depicted in the poem. very expressive too

Posted 3 Years Ago

Belle Starr

3 Years Ago

Thank you for your review, sette! As always, I appreciate your reviews!!

3 Years Ago

my pleasure my friend
I never cease to fall in love with the themes you convey.

I think the single word lines really play up the intensity and are a good addition.

I think your honesty is a big part of what makes your poems so good. You use is perfectly where is needed and I applaud you for it because I bet it’s not an easy thing to do.

All around enjoyed it! Thank you for writing such lovely poetry!

Posted 3 Years Ago

Belle Starr

3 Years Ago

Hi, Hannah! Thank you so much for your kind words. I sincerely appreciate them. You detect honest.. read more
H L Rose

3 Years Ago

Of course!
"bare" should be "bear" (I assume that's what you're intending to mean); "on" in the final stanza sounds and works better beginning the last line; and "it's" I think should simply be "it" (but frankly I personally don't like that kind of sounds a tad odd to me, but whatever works for you).

This is on the whole incredible! I loved the progression, the narrative, the flow is relatively nice, and the repetition is brilliant! Much enjoyed! Well done!

Posted 3 Years Ago

Belle Starr

3 Years Ago

Hey, my Friend!! You know that spelling is not my forte. All offers of help are greatly appreciate.. read more

3 Years Ago

my pleasure.

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Belle Starr
Belle Starr


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