Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by BetsyPrince

Damon Wilson.

"Oh but this beast was no beast, he was merely a prince in disguise. As the light from the stars oozed down onto him the fur started to melt, the paws turning back to hands and feet. Claws became nails and he fell to the ground with a small thud! The princess Belle ran towards the new man, and when they met each other's gaze love was their in their eyes. They were happily married as prince and princess, now living happily ever after." The mother spoke to her daughter, while the little girl was tucked into the bed, giggling and smiling with the mid-aged woman. The woman smiled and started to tuck her daughter into bed, letting her nose rub against her daughters laughing to each other. Placing a large lion near the little girl's arms she brushed the long brown hair from her daughter's ivy eyes. "Now Allison, promise me that you'll be a great girl and find a prince and live happily ever after." 
The little girl nodded and hugged her lion much tighter and tighter to her chest, giggling and squealing, "Of course mommy, of course! I'll be everything you want mommy, I'll make it!" 
The mother nodded and kissed her daughter's head and turned off the lights, the little girl smiled and snuggled closer to her lion whispering into his neck, "I'll make it...I'll make it.."

The clouds were gray, the sky being dull, only the dim lighting of the bright sun seemed to leak itself through the clouds as if it was trying to brighten the day. In the year 2014  world war three has broken down, with the three houses of the United States, the United Kingdom and Russia starting to fight with Germany, South Korea and China. SR-71 Blackbirds were always flying through the air, going Mach 3.5 in the air. It was a horrible day to fly today, as the training camp of Lions were in session in the new week of training. These new marines were into the training of their life, starting to build up and go into the service to serve their country. The Monday morning was cold and damp, yet as many early birds came to the mess hall to eat, one of these early birds was the corporal of the east training camp. These East side was consisted in the air pilots of S-34, the ground base of R-36, and the medical evacuation of SR-78. There were only few that were mixed together as air pilots and ground base, or ground base and med evac. Yet there was never found as all three, and corporal Damon Wilson was never disappointed in his teams, never were they last and never were they second. Always first in their league, yet his men were perverts, more than once Corporal Wilson has caught his men taking too long in the shower or bringing a woman into the dorms were they were not allowed. 
Damon Wilson merely bore a nice age of 24, always having a five o'clock shadow around his square jaw and being built but not overly exaggerated. His olive tanned skin had no mistakes having been out in the sun from the labor as a farmer in the state of New Mexico. His family owned the corporation of Wilson goods, and he as a child to learn discipline, this just grew his lust to become a service for his country. The large stud stood at 6 feet with a smooth nose and dark blue eyes, having his hair be blond and pushed back in a mature way. Yet as Corporal Wilson sat and looked at his bland breakfast many could see the blue jay that had a red ribbon tracing down his bicep and fore arm. He never spoke of his tattoos but the  people of his teams knew he had them, for they knew that each tattoo was a symbol of the brother that he lost. 
Corporal Wilson sat in the hall as he started to spoon his oatmeal, thinking to himself about deployment, he was staying here for another 7 months then it was off the German beaches of Omaha were he and his team would be making their way towards the heart of Germany to take out the commanders. With this getting done he would have knocked one of the head houses in the World War, bringing the United States much closer to its victory. Yet as the public always thought it was merely because of the concentration camps through out the country defying them. But all the military knew it was Iraq that started this war, by throwing the nuclear bombs onto the cities of New York and San Diego. Many of his brothers died, including his actual blood brother who's favorite animal was the blue jay. Sighing to himself as he went over each and every plan he thought of and had idea's to bring them to his general, but with every plan he knew there was a loop hole in which his men would die. Growling to himself he kept thinking, yet his thoughts were interrupted by the loud whistling and by god he was getting frustrated.
Damon Wilson slammed his fist and screamed out to his men that stayed in the eastern quarters, "Damn it men! Shut the hell up! Do you want to...." 
Corporal Wilson was not heard over the hollering of his men, growling to himself he stood letting his camouflage pants drop to his waist and his dark brown t-shirt grip his muscles, his black boots even seemed to tight as his aggravation ran through his veins. The corporal walked to his men pulling one of the men by the scruff of the neck bowing him down to him, "Damn it private! What the hell is going on here?!" 
The shaved private that was some what built but the fat still had his ripples murmured to his corporal, "T-There's a new recruit in sir, i-its nothing we've seen before a-and...well..."
Dropping his private down onto the ground, a new recruit? Yes his general told him, it would be a new recruit, he would specialized in medical evac, ground level and even an air fighter of the SR-71 Blackbird. This recruit was above Private Level 1, and he had no intention of moving up. The hollering of his men kept reverberating in the room, causing much more irritation to the corporal. Snarling loudly he started to push through his men, moving to the front of the circle and what he saw was...unbelievable. His private, Johnson he believed, a 6 foot and 7 inch man being pushed to the ground with his arm being held behind his back having his joint pushed out of his shoulder to brink of popping. A small combat black boot was in the perfect position in between his shoulder blade and onto his neck, while he was kneeling underneath it. This was all Damon Wilson saw of his private as he snarled and called out, "Let me go you crazy b***h!"
Damon Wilson's eyes traveled up the black combat boot to silky and smooth legs that were such a light tan, as if the sun barley grazed the silk skin, It came to mid thigh camo shorts with a jean ripped vest. The green tank top seemed to grip the small body that didn't even seem to stand taller than5 foot 3 inches. On the crest of the chest rested a necklace of pure black with a small diamond heart spray painted black to match the emotion. The neck long and slender as Wilson's eyes traveled more up, reaching the diamond shaped face, full pink lips with eyes that had a dark and eerie tone, deep ivy green eyes burning into his own blue diamond eyes. The soldier's lips turned into a smirk and she dropped private Johnson's arm, with a simple kick she sent him towards the other group. Corporal Wilson looked at the large duffelbag the woman held, it looked like 45 pounds, and she held it with ease. Dropping the bag she reached into the pocket of her shorts and walked over the corporal, even as she walked the men whistled and hollered screaming and laughing. Corporal Wilson stayed still, he could not move as the woman's eyes never left his own, frozen against his woman's hold on him. Removing a pink slip from her pocket she shoved it into the chest of Damon Wilson, her own corporal, with no remorse nor any pity. Smirking to him she said in a voice of velvet thunder, "I am Allison Creed, and I am your new medical evacuation and fighter pilot, along with your second in command private on the ground base. I start training tomorrow with Damon Wilson, and Damon Wilson only which I presume is you, do not take pity on me nor treat me any different. Have a good day I'll be in the dorm 45." Letting her hand be removed from the corporal chest and turning on her heel, the long brown hair dropped down to shoulder blades and below the long streaks of wavy hair there was an eagle perched on her neck. The tribal seemed to gleam at him, as if daring him to speak to her, but Damon Wilson was left for words, his new recruit had the attitude that every marine needed, and she was perfect than any of the mother. Picking up her duffelbag she slung it over her shoulder with ease and walked towards the dorms as the men's jaws were open and were roaring with laughter and bemusement. One of the private's came up to Damon Wilson and asked, "Sir...What...just happened?" 
Damon Wilson shook his head and growled to himself, looking at his private he cracked his neck, "Nothing happened Private, she will not become any different and if anyone else treats her that way then its the way it'll be. This is my base, and it will stay that way. Back to your training all of you! I need a word with Allison Creed..."
Damon Wilson seemed to be eating out of the hands of this woman, and that was going to stop, he would explain the daily routine of the week and what will happen to her if she disobeys. This woman would not get the best of him, but Damon Wilson was doubting himself as he made his way towards dorm 45 to confront this...problem.

© 2011 BetsyPrince

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Author's Note

Please ignore all grammar mistakes and tell me what you think and make this enjoyable for yourself.

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Added on November 4, 2011
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