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There once was a clown with a dimpled smile

Behind that smile he was willingly vile

He pranced, tumbled and often passed gas

The crowd thought he was a horse’s a*s

Though he performed in quite a unique style


When he retired he was old and pale

He frequented local bars and drank plenty of ale

His wife was a whipping witch

Who always wanted him to be rich

But being a clown he dreams to cut her with his sharp toenail


When he turned ninety, he slept at night and never woke up

The witch was so delighted she bought a six-month pup

She kept the old house in witch-like disarray

The pup tore everything and she let him have his play

She even allowed him to share her sup 

© 2021 Betty Hermelee

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clowns and dolls also I find creepy
there's always a sad tale to be told
behind the face of a clown
this case this old clown was probably
most miserable be married to an old crone
and even sadder that he lived so long with her nagging him...

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

Betty Hermelee

2 Weeks Ago

Yes a sad tale, but clowns always fascinated me …more mysterious …what’s behind the face?
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I think he was a clown for being with his wife....and I bet behind the smile he wore, he shed, the tears of a Smokey Robinson sang.
Steven Wright once said..."a clown died and all of his friends came to his funeral in one car"---
this made me uneasy...clowns kind of do that to me.

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

Betty Hermelee

2 Weeks Ago

Yes, clowns are strange people because behind their clowny face is a mystery… that to me makes the.. read more
I hate clowns they are so creepy. Besides that Pennywise really ruined it for their profession. But after reading your poem I feel sorry for them now. Perhaps even a growing kinship. Thank you B for this delightful piece and for actually helping me feel less apathetic toward clowns.

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

Betty Hermelee

2 Weeks Ago

Thank you Carlos for your review… clowns are mysterious creatures to me, having gone to so many ci.. read more

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Added on September 29, 2021
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Betty Hermelee
Betty Hermelee

Black Mountain, NC

My love of poetry results from my love of art. As a painter I am able to express myself on a canvas. As a poet my words come from my heart, my moods, sometimes sad, mostly upbeat. I like to use vivid .. more..