Chapter 3

Chapter 3

A Chapter by Beverly Jane

Too much distance for me.


Stepping into the heavy light club, I listened to the pounding music that you could hear from miles away. I felt eyes staring at my slightly gothic outfit.  I wore a tight corset looking top that was black, and laced with red ribbon closing it. I wore a short skirt that came a few inches above my knees, that was black and had skull frilled lace on the bottom. For shoes I wore high heels that had skulls printed all over them. Also, my bright blood red hair was in tight curls.

I smiled at him from across the room. He nodded at me smiling and mouthing at me, ‘You ready?’ I smiled slowing my strides, ‘Do you ever doubt that I am?’ He started taking strides toward me.

What were we doing you ask?

We were dancing. We were the ‘Forbidden Ones.’ We danced to dance, but also danced to dance together. Slipping on my black and silver masquerade mask, he slipped on his. Taking a deep breath I looked over at the DJ he nodded. “Let’s go,” I said softly.

As the song Too Close by Alex Clare started play both of our bodies moving in sync. Then suddenly our bodies were only a few inches away from each other. Pressing my hands against my thighs, I moved my body to match his. His eyes were strong on me.

I made a pushing motion towards him and he fell back a few steps. I threw my hair back swinging my head around. I could feel my heart beat more along with the song. He took two long strides towards me, reaching his hands out. I dipped my head back in and turned from him. I touched the ground with my hand and did a back flip towards.

“It feels like I am just too close love you…”


Both him and I exhausted we walked out of the club eyes to the ground. There was a tense feeling in the air, and it made me feel terrible inside. Even though the dancing at the moment of time was amazing, gave me so much adrenaline, it made me feel like I was dying in the end. Reminded me that, things can’t be the way I want them.

Climbing into his corvette, we were both still silent. I looked at him as he begun to drive. “Mizu?” I whispered. He stared over at me a certain dullness in his eyes. “Never mind,” I gasped for air going for the radio and turning it on. The ride home was even more exhausting then the dance, I yearn for the day everything gets to be normal. That things could change.



© 2013 Beverly Jane

Author's Note

Beverly Jane
Yes, the anime boy in the picture is suppose to be Mizu. :)

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Beverly Jane
Beverly Jane

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