Chapter 4

Chapter 4

A Chapter by Beverly Jane

This can't be happening.


Stretching, I stared at him through his glass chamber. He had his eyes closed, the water soaking into his skin. He looked beautiful in his natural element. His beautiful markings on his body glowed brightly blue. He looked like an angel, so graceful. He was so beautiful. He smiled and opened his eyes, as if he knew what I was thinking. That I was thinking about him.

He pushed himself out from the water, putting his legs over the top of his chamber. He was dripping wet of water, oddly I found this extremely attractive. He bit his lip staring at me his bare chest was broad and strong. Water was finding its way through his every pore. I had to look away, for I could feel myself creeping closer to him ready for the compulsions I have been dying to give in to.

I bet he’s an awesome kisser.

Feeling a chill run through my body I sent off a big gush of warm air through the room. I heard him laugh lightly, “hey,” he exclaimed. I turned to see his hair frizzed out everywhere and him dry. I did a mocking smile and got closer to him. “So what we doing tonight babe?” I mused looking up and down his body. He looked into my eyes and then winked. “Just can’t help yourself can you?” he teased. I rolled my eyes at his largely conceded head.

“How about the club?” he questioned. I mulled this over for a second. I didn’t feel much for dancing tonight. He looked at my facial expression, trying to figure out what I was thinking. I smirked, “I don’t feel much about dancing tonight.” “So,” he laughed. “Let’s just go to chill, not dance.” I rose my eyebrow at him, and stuck my tongue out at him.

“One day I’m going to grab that tongue!” he threatened. “Pff, as if!” I turned on my heels walking towards my motorcycle. “Want to take the bike tonight?” I asked in excitement. I loved the feeling of riding my bike it was the only place where I felt like my flame was free. He walked past me, as if I didn’t even say anything. I sighed, I knew what the answer was but I could keep trying.


After taking Mizu to change, we went to the club. Now we sat so close that I could feel his warmth radiating on me. Not that it bothered me, but it made my body tingle in ways it shouldn’t. A group of about five people surrounded him and I. I knew maybe one of the people, the others were his friends. I wasn’t much of a people person. My friend and I sat babbling our mouths off when I heard one of Mizu’s friends ask him if he wanted to dance with his dance crew.

I felt a ting of jealousy and betrayal. I turned quickly towards him. “Sorry he only dances with me,” I tried to say in the nicest tone I could get out. They guy didn’t even look at me he just rolled his eyes asking Mizu again. Would Mizu let him treat me that way? I felt my body heating up with anger. Mizu ignored that I was angry, maybe even ignoring that I even existed at the moment. “Mizu!” I gasped. He didn’t even look at me.

“Leave me alone Kaji,” he hissed with the most meanest tone he has ever had towards me. “I don’t want to hang out with you, deal with it. You’re the one who said you didn’t want to dance anyway.” The harshness of his words stabbed me in the chest. He never dances with anyone else but, me. He always stayed with me, protected me. What was different about tonight? Mizu stood following the guys out the club. I gasped for air tears entering my eyes.

I closed my eyes shaking my head. I have to go home. I stood, walking outside. It was raining. Oh no. Even though, I knew the water would make me sick I didn’t care. I wanted to get home. Correction, I needed to go home. I started to walk home. No jacket, wind blowing, it was baring me down. I felt like I was going to die.

The rain drops were like razor to my skin. I kept walking. Halfway there, I felt my foot slip under me and I fell to the ground, hurting my foot. At first I just laid there, like a crumpled up of piece of paper. Finally, I pick myself up. Feeling weak and tired, I finally made it home.

Making it barely into the garage I collapsed on the ground. I tried to move, but even simple movements caused me terrible pain and I just couldn’t do it. My face in a puddle of water, I felt water drizzling on my feet. Weakness took my body over, and I feel a wave of heat and darkness take over.




© 2013 Beverly Jane

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Beverly Jane
are my chapters too short?

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chapters are fine.CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE!!! why is he doing that to her????????

Posted 10 Years Ago

Beverly Jane

10 Years Ago

haha, thank you. I'm glad you like it, i will try to put up the next chapter as soon as i can. You h.. read more

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Beverly Jane
Beverly Jane

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