What should I do with this?

What should I do with this?

A Story by Beverly Jane

Need some advice guys, want to do something with this but unsure what I should do. Any opinions??


Taking a deep breath, I sat down in the edge of his bed. “This isn’t going to work,” I made a whining sound when I said this. He raised his eyebrow at my unenthusiastic statement warily. “What are you talking about?” he questioned gently. Something tugged at my heart inside. A voice in the back of my head, gave me no choice. I had to say it, “Us.” He stood off his bed stepping in front of me and kneeling down. “Why is that?” his voice was a bit strained as his green eyes surveyed me over. I had to look away from those beautiful eyes, or they would have knocked down any chance I had at doing this. He briskly grabbed my chin before I could have even objected and kissed me. Not a regular kiss though, a passionate one. That spoke words we couldn’t say, that made those dark voices in the back of my head fade slowly but simply. His lips tasted of sweet honey, and I wanted more. I leaned into him pressing my body to his, letting him know that I wanted more. That I was giving in to this dying desire. This desire in my veins could kill me. We just took quick and deep breaths between these beautiful kisses. He held me tight against him rubbing my back. I laced my fingers through his light flowing curls. Our bodies moved back onto the bed moving perfectly with each other. As he leaned me down, I reached over tracing his lips. I wanted these lips to be forever mine, to be placed where ever I please on me. Only me, I want him with me; touching me; loving me. I pulled my hands down onto his hard chest clinching my fist into his shirt. He laughed into my hair, kissing my lips again. “Don’t stop,” I gasped through the kisses. He started to unbutton the black shirt that he had on that fit perfectly around his fit chest. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he pulled me up to his face. I giggled lightly giving into to him, letting his love take over.


Lying in his bed wide awake, I gently touched my lips. They felt fresh and warm. They also tingled from the few moments of touch I had with him. I curled up into a ball and closed my eyes. I saw his gentle green eyes taking in every part of me, even my flaws. I touched my neck remembering how it felt for him to gently kiss it. The desire felt like it was going to kill me once more, as I remembered how it felt. I opened my eyes to stare at the roof patterned with angel paintings. 

© 2013 Beverly Jane

Author's Note

Beverly Jane
Opinions. I need them.

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Added on April 22, 2013
Last Updated on April 22, 2013
Tags: Romance


Beverly Jane
Beverly Jane

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