A Story by Beverly Jane

A Pro-Life short story, heart wrenching, and sad.

A sharp gasp escaped my lips as pain inserted it’s self into my body. No! This can’t be happening. I screamed his name hoping that, maybe he could stop this. I only fell to my knees tears raining down my cheeks when I came to the despairing truth. Nobody can fix this, none of this can change. My baby will be taken away from me when; there was nothing I could say. I placed my face into my hands sobbing, feeling blood leak down my dress. I broke out in a terrified pain filled scream. This was over. It was all over.

I flashed back to how far the baby had been along tears running down my pale cheeks. “I think it’s a boy,” I whispered softly rubbing my swollen stomach. My husband chucked under his breath and wrapped his arms around my waist as we sat in the doctor’s office. A light tingling sensation erupted in my stomach, and I gasped in pleasure. My husband stared at me with glowing blue eyes. “Our baby boy is kicking,” I explained pulling his hand to my stomach. He smiled in pure happiness. Nothing could change the fact, that even if all the odds were against us here we were with a child coming soon.

A girl raced out of the doctor’s rooms in complete despair. She seemed pretty young, in her young teen’s years I could guess. “I’m not keeping it,” she screamed. A woman ran out trying to calm her, but this only made her erupt into more sobs. “I’m getting an abortion and that’s final.”

My body ached, and I felt hatred for that girl. She had a healthy child, that she could of kept as her own. Sure, she was young but that was her fault. Not the child’s. Here, I wanted this beautiful child that had lived in my womb for 7 long months, but only to lose him to death.
I had no choice at all but, yet I was here losing the only chance of having a child. I had no control, to save the child I loved.

My husband raced down the hallway hearing my screams and stared at me wide eyed. “What’s going on?” he was nearly yelling. This only made my already trembling body shake more in despair- and physical pain. It happened so quickly, I wish it could have been stopped. I would have gladly given my life for him, for my baby boy. The one I would never get to see. I wondered if he would have had blue eyes like his daddy, or brown like mine… “We need to get you to the hospital,” he gasped holding his sobs at bay.

I only nodded numbly.

Why, was innocence destroyed in a blink of an eye?

And why did someone give it up, when others were fighting for it?

© 2013 Beverly Jane

Author's Note

Beverly Jane
Note, be sure to look at the picture, alright? Honest opinion guys.

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Added on June 4, 2013
Last Updated on June 4, 2013
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Beverly Jane
Beverly Jane

Hello, wow! It's been a while since I have been on this site, it's almost like looking at a time capsule. It's been a while since I've had the same passion that I had back in high school for writing. .. more..

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