(RE) Chapter 3: Try As She Might

(RE) Chapter 3: Try As She Might

A Chapter by P.J. Amey

Chapter 3:

Try as she might.

The moonlight enveloped the front window in a blue light and caused falling leaves to cast shadows that skated across the cabin walls. The front door of the cabin swung open and Biff walked inside directly to his bedroom. Moments later, the others followed inside with Polan gently closing the door behind them. There was a strange silence that filled the inside of the cabin. Everything smelled of smoke and Biff had already sealed himself away in his room. With no one sure what to do, Deki began to escort Polan to one of the vacant rooms. Meath on the other hand, watched closely as Deki and Polan walked inside the last room on the right. After a second's passing, she walked over to Biff’s bedroom door and curled her fingers around the door knob.

Meath began to slowly open the door when she felt it stop from within. Then it abruptly swung open and Biff was left standing on the other side. However, he didn't seem angry, just very… antsy. He then walked back into his room leaving the door purposely open for Meath. She walked in quietly and closed the door behind her asking,

“Am I being too ambitious by trying to talk to you right now?”

Biff looked out his room’s window for a second or so to drink in her question. Then he slowly answered,

“No… Not really... ”

She expected more than just a few word of response out of him, especially after the fuss he made over her sword. Meath began to draw breath in order to speak, but right before she did, Biff continued,

“You do have a way with introductions. It’s… Uncanny? I just really wanna know how you came into the possession of that sword; And yes, it’s pretty f*****g important to me.”

Meath walked over to the chair in the corner of the room and sat down. She crossed her legs in a very prim manner saying,

“ If it has something to do with your past, then I don't wanna know why it’s important. Just keep it to yourself.”

Biff rubbed his forehead and proceeded to flop onto his bed. He chuckled to himself for a second and replied,

“Okay… Then just tell me who gave it to you.”

Meath’s expression fell flat and she said nothing. Biff looked at her expecting an answer but she didn’t follow up with anything.

“Do you even know or are you blatantly refusing to answer?”

Meath began to smile at him in an innocent sort of manner. He too smiled, only in a frustrated reaction. Then Biff forced his face straight again, spitting,

“Can you please just f*****g explain something?”

Meath leaned her head back and began to sigh. The moonlight struck her face and glistened in contrast off her glowing red eyes. Biff’s words fell silent for a short second and he stared at her in interest. He moved his focus back to the window and began to stretch as she asked him,

“Do you recognize this person sitting before you? It’s a shot in the dark but I'm interested none the less.”

Biff hesitantly replied,

“... No, I don’t remember ever seeing you before. Why is that important?”

“I didn't say me. I said this person.” Meath cut in while pointing at herself.


She stood up and slowly walked over to the window, directly in front of Biff, saying,

“Yeah… let me elaborate more on that.”

She turned around and stared deep into her reflection. The color red lit up the area around her. She turned around again and looked down at Biff. He looked up to her, mainly confused. She reached around her right thigh and unclasped the sword’s sheath. She then tossed her sword onto the bed, never once moving her eyes off him.

“One day, three years ago, I was captured by a member of the Albethian Royal Guard.  The day after, I awoke as this girl before you with this sword in my chest. There isn’t much more that I can explain to you Biff. Really.”

Biff remained silent for a second as the information Meath spilled flooded into his brain. Not knowing the right words for the situation Biff said,
“So the sword’s magic consumed your original soul or something of that nature..? I’m just trying to make sense of how you could’ve switched bodies.”

Meath looked away in embarrassment and muttered,

“...Yeah. So am I… Imagine waking up one day and having a different reflection.”

Biff turned and looked up at the ceiling, while Meath headed back to the chair in the corner of the room. He let out a yawn and asked,  
“...Are you gonna need to stay here?”

Meath raised her eyebrows and implied,
“I don’t need to, but if you and I are to accomplish something without pulling our hair out it’s probably a good idea that I do.”

“Point proven.” He replied.

Meath looked over to him with a very worn out expression. So, he smirked and added,

“What ever room Polan doesn’t take you can have.”

She then got up out of her seat and began to walk out of Biff’s room. Just before opening the door she muttered,

“I get I’m not an open book but I do need your help. The biggest issue in any relationship is trust.”

With those words she walked out of Biff’s room leaving him to ponder the information that she provided him. Meath closed the bedroom door and peered down the hallway into the living room. She noticed a pair of feet protruding from the couch and decided to find out whom they belonged to. As she neared closer, Meath found herself face to face with Deki.

“Why are you laying on the couch?” She asked.

“I simply enjoy the peaceful moonlight. It shines much brighter through this window than from the window in my room.” He responded quietly.

Meath seemed fascinated by how aloof Deki acted. In contrast to Biff, they were nearly polar opposites. Biff was the more assertive and anxious one, while Deki seemed completely peaceful and rather harmless.

“Okay... Whatever floats your boat I guess… Biff probably isn't going to telling you but he's letting me stay with you guys.” Meath told him.

“Oh! I was under the impression that was decided once he saw the sword your holding. Regardless, good luck living with Biff. Most of the time it isn’t too bad but every now and again he gets in a fit.” Deki said while crossing his arms behind his head.

“...Anywho, I'm really tired. Tomorrow is a new day and a new opportunity to become more acquainted with each other.. For now goodnight Meath and thanks.” He continued, shutting his eyes in the process.

“...Thanks? For what?” She asked.

“Saving all of our asses tonight, especially Biff from Nezo. Biff’s got good reflexes but he can't draw and fire a shot before a cursed can charge at him like that. Plus, he's gonna forget to thank you or he’ll act like one isn't necessary.”

Meath smiled and felt as if finally she had good coming to her name. With a slight smile she looked over at Deki and said,

“Well... whatever. It’s no big deal. We all need him alive anyway. Goodnight Deki.”

Meath walked back down the hall to her designated room and looked through the doorway. A strange moment of hesitancy filled her. After explaining herself briefly to Biff, Meath realized something. She still wasn’t quite comfortable admitting to being a soul trapped in a body she didn't even know the name of. It felt intrusive to her. Meath walked into the tidily kept room. The bed had only one blanket on it, the dresser was bare and the room’s whole aura felt slightly cold. She exhaled a breath of exhaustion and thought to herself,   

“This better be the last room I call my own.”

The morning came with a subtle dawn and a quiet sky. A bright beam of light warmed and lit the inside of the cabin. It also no longer smelled of smoke and Deki, as usual, was first to rise. He laid on the couch for a bit and took in the morning view. Soon thereafter he was greeted by Polan, who was not a morning person.

“Hi... Deki....” She droned.

Deki giggled to himself and asked, “Not awake yet, I take it?”

Polan didn’t respond, she basically headed in the direction of the kitchen and could be heard shuffling through some drawers. Deki smiled to himself then began to wonder how long it would take Biff to get up. The two needed to make a trip to New Haven to pick up some supplies and the whole endeavor would take a few hours. After another ten minutes or so, Deki got up and paced towards Biff’s room. He knocked on the door and waited a few seconds. Nothing. Shrugging his shoulders, he walked back towards the couch again when he noticed Polan engaged in something peculiar.   

Meanwhile in Biff's room, the knock jarred him awake and his eyes immediately opened up to the sunlight. He looked over at the clock on his dresser which read about nine thirty in the morning. Then he pressed his face into his pillow and mumbled,
“Five hours...of s****y sleep...”

He turned himself to face his back towards the window. As Biff adjusted comfortably, he peeked open his eyes and noticed Meath sleeping next to him. His eyes flared open and his mouth dropped as he carefully shimmied back to the edge of the bed. Meath was still sound asleep, lying outside the covers only wearing only her undergarments. Biff tried his best not to wake her as he figured a way out of bed, but Meath’s eyes slowly began to open and she let out a yawn.

“Oh... hi...” She blurted while stretching ever so casually.

“What are you...” started Biff.

“Listen... this isn't what you're thinking.” She insisted while sprawling herself out across half of his bed.

She leaned over to the side, picked up the red ribbon that held her hair in a ponytail. tied it and went on saying,
“It's nice to just sleep with someone next to you at night. It was something I took for granted. So, I stayed here. Plus the other room was sorta cold. Okay?”

Biff carefully noted her point and asked,
“I get what you mean but what's your angle here?”

Meath flopped her legs off the side of the bed. Her bushy black ponytail stared Biff in the face as she muttered,

“...At least you get it, I think. However, taking into account your reaction, I should probably just warm up the other room tonight.”

“What do you mean my reaction? I didn't look at you in some repulsed way, I looked at you in a “What the f**k are you doing here?” kind of way.” He carefully detailed.

She turned her head around and glared down at Biff. As he laid there gazing up at her bewildered, he took a deep breath and said,
“Look, if it makes you feel more comfortable, do whatever. You’re just gonna do that anyway but would it kill you to maybe run it by me at least once.”

Meath smirked. She felt uncertain hearing Biff say such things. Yet, there was nothing said as she began to dress herself back into her clothes. Biff scratched his messy brown hair and began to roll out of bed, when suddenly a knock from the door,

“Hey! Are both of you in there? ” yelled Polan.

“Polan go away!” Screamed Biff.

From inside Biff’s room they heard Polan rush back over to what was presumably the kitchen. He laughed and shook his head. Meath too shook her head and said,
“Think anyone is gonna question this? Polan is gonna think this looks bad.”

“I'm not concerned about her though. She act like a little helpless brat anyway so let her think what she wants to think.” added Biff.

“Oh she isn't that bad she's just young, depressed and pushed to her limit. Relatively speaking, she's quite mild, she's just a bit nippy from tonight. ”

Meath threw Biff one of his blue button-up shirts that laying on the floor. For a moment she wondered to herself why Biff was so hostile towards Polan. Biff slipped himself into the shirt and sat himself off the side of the bed. As Meath began to walk out of the room, she looked down the hall and noticed what Polan had been doing in the kitchen. Then, she immediately turned back into Biff’s room with a grin and said,

“See, she made us breakfast. She isn't a helpless brat, she's adjusting as best she can.”

Biff glared at Meath and began to slip on his jeans. He then got up, patted down his shirt and began to head for the door. Meath, who propped herself against doorway, grabbed his shirt sleeve as he began to walk into the hallway.

“I don't know what your deal is but her and I are trying to help. Would it kill you to be somewhat civil?” She whispered to him.

Through his peripherals Biff and stared back at Meath,

“Who knows. It might just do that.”


© 2016 P.J. Amey

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