(RE) Chapter 5: Peeling the scab too early

(RE) Chapter 5: Peeling the scab too early

A Chapter by P.J. Amey

After some time. Here it is! P.S. Zoey is my least favorite character... if that doesn't already show.


Chapter 5:

Peeling The Scab Too Early

The magnificent walled city of Alberth stood tall and proud overlooking the surrounding forests, especially on such a clear day. Most of the city’s residents were meandering about outside enjoying every moment of peace they were offered. However most didn’t include Zoey, the last remaining Royal Guard. She was sitting amongst the many trees that furnished the courtyard of the caste. This castle stood at the center of the city, heavily guarded at all sides. It is also the residence of a certain Narr, the man who founded the city.

    A rose pedal drifted down from a nearby gazebo and fell onto Zoey’s steel shoulder plate armor. Her full gilded regalia gleamed in the sunshine and she sat wondering something to herself. She was to lead a group today back into Ethalis to secure the area from the cursed. She knew she had enough troops ready. She knew she had supplies and a battle tactic in hand. Yet, Zoey didn’t know if she personally was ready to dive back into the fray. The last time she had any sort of true active duty was three years ago, during those fateful events in Torrenton alongside Deki, Biff and Nezo.

Her eyes caught the pedal as she stood up and was immediately reminded of her sister Agatha. She quickly brushed away the pedal from the armor and began to walk from the courtyard to the main castle gate.

“Sometimes I wonder if the sacrifice outweighs the end result.” She thought as she entered the main road from the castle.

Along the way every single one of the ten thousand soldiers saluted her as she walked towards her horse standing just down the road. As Zoey approached the tall brown creature, she slowly stroked its mane and hoisted herself onto the saddle.

Zoey began to ride for Ethalis as fast as her horse would travel. The rest of the forces followed from an ever growing distance. Suddenly, the horse reared its head sending Zoey falling to the ground. Though startled, she was okay and began to get herself off the ground. That’s when a young woman came out from a nearby tree line adjacent to the road. She had only one eye which showed the red glow of the curse. Zoey looked back towards her men, who were getting closer but were still yards away yet. She raised up a sword and bulwark and shouted,

“In the name of Albethian law I ask that you please surrender and face justice…”

The woman interrupted,

“I’m just looking for my sister. We were attacked last night in Ethalis. I just want to find anything even if it’s a body. Then you can do your Justice.”

Zoey kept her shield eye level and thought to herself for a second. She then closed her eyes sending a small tear down her cheek. Her sword and shield began to lower. Finally Zoey spoke again,

“I can’t help you…”

“...But why?” Asked the girl.

“...I’m sorry. I just can’t help you. The only way I know how is to tell you to leave. Now.”  Zoey forced from herself.

Through her only remaining eye, the woman sent Zoey an off color look. She then dipped back into the forest just before the rest of the troops caught up. The men halted their march, awaiting the command of someone who was on the verge of a mental breakdown.

“I hope you find her!” She shouted in the direction of the woman.

The soldiers all turned their attention to the forest but none of them were sure what they were looking at. One of the men out in front of the line asked,

“Is something wrong, m ’lady?”

“...Nay, just a girl who lost her sister playing in the forest.”

“Should we send a few men to help her?” He asked.

“We haven't the time for such trivial matters at this moment. Wasting time on trivial matters is how Torrenton met it’s demise.”


She leaped back onto her horse and continued her ride to Ethalis. Meanwhile in Zoey’s head, things were unsettled. The overwhelming guilt that has been pent up for three years was ready to engulf her. Right as she hit the tipping point she remembered a quote that has always helped her cope,

“Keep going or it was all for nothing.”

© 2016 P.J. Amey

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