(RE) Chapter 9: Please Do Not Think Bad of Me

(RE) Chapter 9: Please Do Not Think Bad of Me

A Chapter by P.J. Amey

 Chapter 9:

Please Do Not Think Bad of Me.

As he closed up the front door behind him, Biff looked to Meath in a bothered way. She approached him and asked quietly,

“You look worried... What’s up?”

“I’m pretty sure I just shot a cursed that was hiding in the trees out front.” He detailed.

“...S**t. Really?” She muttered, racing over to the front window.

She looked out hard into the rain, however could not see any sign of any cursed. She then brought her attention back to Biff and asked,

“Okay, so what do you wanna do about this?”

“Nothing. It's probably dead by now. It’s probably just a straggler, I didn't see or hear any others.” He answered.

“Probably…?” She whispered to him in frustration.

Biff stopped and looked at her. A couple of seconds went by then Meath began to sigh,

“Right… You don't wanna go after it, because that’s a waste of our efforts...”  

He continued to walk right past her to look for Deki. Down the hall, Biff saw the bathroom door open. He walked through the doorway and found Deki placing logs into a furnace. This particular furnace kept it’s connected water tank warm.

“At least one of us got something to burn before the rain hit.” He commended.

“I’m sure tomorrow will be a much nicer day than today. Just head back over then if your looking to add more.” Deki replied.

Biff scrunched his face around for a second to think over a few things. Then told Deki,

“Listen, we need to be careful when we go out. I think I shot a cursed…”

“...I know you did, I saw you from the front window. There was only one and you did hit it. So by now.. it is dead.”

There was still a lingering doubt that hung over Biff, even though Deki did his best to reassure him. Over the past three years hardly any cursed have ever wondered near the cabin. Biff didn't know weather to act as if this was some random occurrence or the beginning of something greater.

“I just don't wanna get caught with my pants down, not this far into everything.” He said.  

Biff then walked out of the bathroom and retired to his bedroom. Once Deki finished placing all the wood in the furnace, he left the bathroom for the living room. As Deki made his way up the hall he saw Meath walking towards him. She stopped just before Biff’s door and glared over at Deki who had a rather smug expression on his face.

Meath began to open the door to Biff’s room when once again, it stopped from inside.The door swung open revealing Biff on the other side awaiting her as he’s done once before.

“How the hell do you know when I'm coming?” She asked.

“Because I can hear you... I lived out here for three years, your hearing gets pretty damn sensitive after a while. Plus, I kinda knew you were gonna do that, you don't knock...” He said walking back into his room.

Biff sat down on his bed and looked up at Meath who was still standing in the doorway. She looked blankly back at him and began to walk to his bed. She simply sat down next to him, crossed her arms in her lap and looked at him.

“Biff, you don’t relax much do you?” She sarcastically questioned him.

He fell back onto his bed and replied, “How can I? The moment I would we’d all be dead.”

Meath then fell back onto the bed as well. The two were inches apart, staring into each others weathered stare. She asked him,

“Do you think I can’t protect you or some dumb s**t of that nature..?”

Biff turned his head up to the ceiling and thought for a few moments. His gaze narrowed as his answer formed and he said,

“...I just want to make sure this gets done Meath. It’s not about proving anything. It’s more or less about righting a wrong. That’s what I take it as.”


“Righting your own wrongs… or everyone else's along with yours...?” She asked metaphorically.

She had a more compassionate tone to her voice than what he was used to hearing and it threw him off guard. He looked back over to her as she stared at him awaiting a response. Biff had to think for a second about her question, when suddenly she rolled herself ontop of him. Meath forced Biff’s hands to the bed by leaning over him on his wrists. Her hair draped down the sides of both their cheeks and locked eyes with him.

“Seriously, Biff, just make all of this easy on us. If we’re to do this together, we need to do this together. Sometimes it feels like all of us are helping you simply get revenge, rather than all of us getting what parts we deserve.”

“...Meath, come on…” He started.

“...No! You, come on! You don't need to be so… stubborn about everything.” She said stuttering mid sentence.

The entire time the door to Biff’s room remained cracked open, allowing for certain people such as Polan to invite herself into the room.

“Hey what do you guys want for dinner… Oh my god! I’m so sorry! I should’ve knocked!” She said immediately exiting the room upon noticing the way Meath and Biff were positioned on the bed.

A startled Meath fell backwards onto the bed, cheeks blushing in a rosy red color. Biff continued to lay as he was and yell from his bed,

“Polan we were JUST talking, could you PLEASE knock!”

“That wasn’t talking!” She yelled back from the hallway.  

“Polan we were just talking, I wanted to get in his face while I did it.” Meath defended.

“...Oh, okay. I’ll take your word for it and not his. Do you think you could help me with dinner?” Polan asked.

“Sure, I’ll be there in a second.”

Meath got up and headed for the door noticing Biff just laying there unresponsive. She looked to him and asked him something that had been on the back of her mind recently,

“Biff, if it’s not too touchy can I ask you something about Miani?”

Biff didn't say anything for the first second or two but after staring into the ceiling he said,

“...Like what?”

“What color eyes did she have?”


© 2016 P.J. Amey

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