(RE) Chapter 13: Learning My Mistakes

(RE) Chapter 13: Learning My Mistakes

A Chapter by P.J. Amey

Chapter 13:

Learning My Mistakes

Meath had finished showering and getting dressed when she began to walk down the hall. Banging sounds grew louder and louder as she entered the remains of the living room. Deki and Biff were hard at work piecing the roof back together in the best possible way they could. Meanwhile, Polan was seen lining up salvaged pieces of wood and some untouched boards that were stowed underneath the front deck.

“Is there anything you need me to do?” Meath asked Biff as he hammered a board to the ceiling.  .

“Are your legs up to going to New Haven for some supplies?” Biff asked through nails in his mouth.

Meath smirked and replied sarcastically, “Now that you mention it, I do feel like I pulled a hammy in the shower.. Might have to ice that.”

“Please?” he asked in an overly nice manor.

“Yeah, what do we need?”

Biff put down his hammer and began to walk into the kitchen to write up a list of things they would need to replace. Looking  around the room, he quickly scribbled chicken scratch onto a wrinkled piece of paper. He then walked the list over to Meath and said, “Just get this stuff for now, if Aence and her friends show up again I don't wanna have to replace more s**t.”

Meath glanced down at the list there was only a few item written on it like fabric, food, nails, and some wool. However, underneath the list Biff left her a note saying, “Her eyes were green, but none of that matters as long as we succeed.”

Meath read over the piece of paper then looked up to Biff who had a smile on his face. She smiled back at him and began to head out through the missing section of the cabin shouting, “I'll be back in about an hour.”

As Biff went to grab for his hammer Deki teased, “Passing notes now are we?”

Biff wedged two nails in between his teeth and began lifting a board towards the ceiling replying, “I gave her a list.”

“Must have been a pretty cute list for her to look so cheery.” Polan tagged in.

“She's in a good mood today I guess.” He defended before hammering away.

Biff slammed the nail as hard as he could to drown out Deki and Polan’s childish shenanigans but once the nail had been set Deki asked, “Is she in a good mood because of you?”

“Oh my god would you shut the f**k up.” Biff groaned.

“Better stop Deki, he’s gettin mad.” Polan giggled.

Biff again slammed another nail into the piece of wood he was affixing to the ceiling. With each pound of his hammer louder than the last, Biff desperately tried to divert everyone's attention back to repairing the cabin. Again, he stopped to pick up another board and some nails.

“You guys should just make out already.” Polan muttered.

Biff looked over at her unamused and quickly said, “Calm the f**k down Polan. I’m not making out with Meath. F*****g idiot.”

Polan burst out laughing at how Biff reacted to her nagging. He seemed almost relaxed in an out of character type of way. Usually he would be genuinely angry at her mentioning anything like that but now he just kind of joked it off.

“She had a lot on her mind since the attack and we talked it out. That’s about as spicy as it gets.” Biff said hammering in yet another nail.

“I'm just f*****g with you Biff.” Polan chuckled.

“I know.” He started, “I’m just clearing your mind of any wondrous thoughts you might be having.”

Biff slapped another board over an exposed part of the ceiling and hammered in a few more nails while Polan headed into the kitchen. Deki too began to toiling away at the ceiling in efforts to reduce the amount of rain still leaking through. The repair job was makeshift at best but did the job at keeping the heat in and the rain out. Most of the ceiling had been patched up and all that was left was to fix was the front of the cabin and the other end of the kitchen. Things seemed to be on the upswing Biff thought.

About an hour passed and just as she noted, Meath was walking up the deck, three full bags in toe. One bag was quite literally bursting at the seams with food, another had a myriad of fabrics, wools, threads and other items to fix the furniture that had gotten wet. In the third bag was a pile of fresh clothes ready to replace their muddy attire from last night's fiasco.  

Biff rushed eagerly over to the door and held it open for Meath. She shimmied through the entrance walking over to the kitchen and placed the bags on the table. Her and Biff began to empty the contents onto the table when Meath quietly said,

“There were a lot more cursed that usual in New  Haven. I don't think that's a coincidence.”

Biff looked over at her with some concern but ultimately realized defending New Haven was negligible. In fact, if the cursed were amassing anywhere, it should be New Haven because of its distance from the cabin.

“We’ll let it play out, after last night I'm in no mood to play the stoic protector.” He replied after a moment to think.

Meath shrugged in agreement while she continued to empty the bags onto the table. Once everything was laid out and ready to be put away Meath crumbled up the bags and stuffed them in the trash bin. Polan then walked over from the living room and noticed the pile of sewing supplies sitting on the table and exclaimed,

“Ooh! I call sewing the couch back together! I'm gonna make some comfier pillows too, the ones were using now suck.

“...I didn't realize you liked sewing that much Polan.” Biff said with a confused look on his face.

“It's not that I like it, it's just something I used to do when I got bored and felt like making something. It might sound weird but it was almost relaxing for me.” She explained while scooping up all the sewing materials.

Polan walked into the living room and neatly arranged everything onto the floor. She then got up, walked back into the kitchen to grab a pair of scissors and proceeded back into the living room to begin cutting fabric.

    Still in the kitchen putting away the food, Biff set aside some meat and potatoes for dinner later that evening. As he thought to himself how he could prepare dinner, Meath poked at his shoulder. Biff turned his head and noticed Meath holding out a balled fist towards him. He turned around and placed an open palm underneath her hand. Something small and yarn-like fell into his hand. It was a braided wristband in a beautiful deep purple with one strand of red yarn woven in, both of their favorite colors.

    Biff smiled awkwardly and began to blush ever so slightly.

    “I thought you might like this since its purple and all. Unless you told me the wrong favorite color of yours.” She said with a comforting smile.

    “Nope, that's the color alright.” He said as he tied it around his wrist.

    He struggled to find a way to tie it on, even as far as to lay his wrist on the table and with his other hand try and make a knot, but could quite maneuver it. Meath abruptly walked over and grabbed braid from under his wrist.

“Hold your hand out, it's easier if I just tie it on.” She instructed.

Biff held out his right arm and Meath delicately tied the strings together tight. Once she had finish the knot Biff raised up his wrist and examined the wristband some more.

“This is.. Unexpectedly nice of you.” He said not knowing how to thank her.

But then Biff realized, maybe he should just flat out thank her instead of acting like she was incapable of being personable and nice. He quickly added,


Meath smiled,

“I’m glad you like it.”

© 2018 P.J. Amey

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i enjoyed this chapter,looks like the makings of a great book

Posted 5 Years Ago

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