(RE) Chapter 14: Watching them Burn

(RE) Chapter 14: Watching them Burn

A Chapter by P.J. Amey

Chapter 14:

Watching Them Burn

Hours had passed since the cabin was finished being pieced back together and now Biff began making dinner. Deki was also in the kitchen cooking the potatoes and talking with Biff.

“Where’d you get the bracelet?” He asked playfully.

“You know where I got it from.” Biff spat back.

Deki chuckled to himself in light of Biff’s defensive attitude towards any interaction he has with Meath. He hadn't seen Biff like this in years and it gave him peace of mind. Maybe Biff was finally shedding his lone wolf persona he acquired after the events of Torrenton.

“In any case, it's good to see you two finally getting along to some degree.” Deki added.

“...I guess.” Biff agreed to Deki’s surprise.

    Biff grabbed a frying pan and placed four chicken breasts with a few herbs over the wood oven. He then poured a splash of cooking wine he had stored away into the mixture. A rich and delicious smell filled the cabin and soon Polan shouted,

    “Wow! That smells great, I didn't know you were that good at cooking.”

    “I used to cook a lot back at the academy its just as of late, I haven't felt the need to get fancy.” Biff yelled back from the kitchen.

    Polan walked into the kitchen all the while wafting the air and sniffing obnoxiously loud. Deki laughed at her mannerisms as she enthusiastically began to peer over Biff’s shoulder to see his creation. Meath, who had been assisting Polan in the task of reupholstering the furniture, also walked into the kitchen saying,

“Wow! Look at you Mr. chef. What's the occasion?”

“We fixed up the cabin a lot faster than I expected so I figured I’d cook up something different.” He elaborated.

Polan began to distribute plates and utensils across the table while Meath filled four glasses of water and placed them down at each person's seat. As Deki finished mashing up the potatoes, Biff too finished cooking the chicken. They brought the food over to the table, portioned out the pieces and sat down to eat. The Four of them seemed to form a semi functioning unit. In a way, Biff was quite thankful to have Polan and Meath around. Most days Deki and Biff rarely talked because they were busy with the upkeep of living such a secluded and secretive life. Most of their days were spent completing the tasks that were necessary to survive. Having two extra sets of hands took a fair bit of load off of their shoulders and allowed them to relax if only for a moment at a time.

“Biff, you don’t suck at cooking.” Noted Polan between bites.

“Really Polan.... Is that actually a compliment?” He replied.

Deki almost choked on his food in a sudden fit of laughter but was quick to regain his composure.

“Oh, don’t you chime in either.” Biff said to Deki.

Meath continued to eat away at her plate when she looked up and in the direction of the front window. Biff noticed her stare for a good few moments before heading back to her dinner. It bothered him. He turned around and looked out the window, but nothing seemed out of place. Meath looked at Biff and noticed his movements carefully but was swift to hide her knowledge of him doing so.

Everybody finished eating and Deki began to collect plates while Polan amassed the glasses. After about five minutes or so of Deki washing and Poland handing him the dishes, Polan asked,

“Does anyone else smell smoke?”

The room became silent, the only sound being the sniffle of the other three’s noses. Biff looked to Meath and wondered if this is what she saw just a little bit ago. Deki placed the dished he was in the middle of washing into the sink and headed into the living room.

Nothing was said. Suddenly a band of bright orange struck the window from a far away region. The tree line slowly lit up but it appeared to be from New Haven. Biff rushed out of the cabin and pulled himself onto the roof. He turned to face North, the direction of what was presumably that town on fire. Much like Ethalis, Biff thought he had to act. Polan was next to fling herself onto the roof, she too stopped and turned but as ultimately powerless to act. Lastly, Meath and Deki slowly creeped out of the cabin in horror of the actual scale of the fire resonating from New Haven. Biff jumped down as Deki hoisted himself onto the roof. Once off the roof, Biff stormed into the cabin for his bow, but Meath was quick to act and followed him back inside. The front door slammed behind her drawing Biff’s attention.

“What do you think you’re doing?” She asked.

Biff gripped his bow but couldn't think of an answer. He was trapped in an obvious situation.

“You said you were gonna lay low, even if New Haven got attacked.”

Biff kept looking at Meath all the while heading towards her and the door. As he drew closer he reached out for the doorknob, but Meath grabbed his wrist instead. Under the weight of her hand Biff felt the bracelet rub against his wrist as a cruel reminder of  authority.

“You’re not going anywhere. I don't care if you feel like you still need to make up for what happened in Torrenton.” Meath said looking deeply into his eyes.

“It's one thing to say it, but I just can't sit idle Meath…”

Meath forcibly tugged at his arm. He whipped forward, their faces met in a passionate kiss. Meath grabbed the back of his scalp and held it firm in place for a few moments. Biff then reared his head back. Meath let go of his wrist. He looked almost disgusted but more so surprised at what just occurred.

Meath bit her lip and tears almost began to pour out before she shouted,

“You’re not playing hero tonight!”

Biff dropped his bow. He maintained his look and asked,

“Why did you just….”

“Because Biff, You’re not leaving. I don't care how i have to get through to you.”

© 2018 P.J. Amey

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