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    A  strikingly warm breeze gently tickles at my face while peering from atop a large clocktower. The clouds overhead blanketing the sunset across the surrounding town, spreading an otherworldly orange glow in every direction. The front facing crenelations of the tower just tall enough for me to comfortably rest my arms on. I was joined by a few others doing mostly the same, gazing off into the early twilight. As each moment passed the blazing orange sky turned to a pinkish then purple hue. Gasps of awe peppered the crowd of people as attention grew more and more towards what was above. Simultaneously the town below began to flicker with the light of street lamps. 

    Now that I think of it, I can't recall the reason why I was there to begin with. Neither could I reason where I was. None of it really seemed to matter to me. The only thing that did was watching the sun slowly creep below the horizon. As more and more people began to leave and the sky played its blackberry toned crescendo, I noticed someone else. They much like myself, continued to muse aimlessly into the diminishing daylight. Enough passerbys left that it was just the two of us standing in what is sure to be the last five minutes before nightfall. 


    Not knowing what to do or where to go next, I began to take myself away from the stone structure. For some reason I thought this other person was going to speak out to me. Oddly enough,

“People always miss the best part.”

“Was she talking to me?” I asked myself. 

“Their satisfied when they see the colors of the sunset but leave as if there's nothing left to enjoy.” She continued. 

I turned to face her and paused. Floating behind her was a wonderful full moon gleaming with a brilliant pale baby blue. Strands of her hair shimmered in its light as they spun carelessly through the evening breeze. A petite ponytailed girl stood on the other side of the tower smiling at me. She then gently turned her head to face the sky and implied, 

“Cool, right?” 

Without much thought I muttered,


The girl looked back at me from over her shoulder and smirked. She hoisted herself onto the tower’s ledge and carefully tip-toed over to me. I became nervous watching her balance so high above the city, but it seemed as if this was one of many times she had done this before. Once close enough, she extended her hand as if to invite me onto the ledge. I reached out my hand but was initially hesitant to grab onto hers. However she quickly snached away my hesitance and lifted me up the stone structure. Now the city was in full view, the night’s sky looming over a haze of amber light. Admittedly I was frightened being so high up, the clocktower seemed to be at least a hundred feet tall if not more. Houses appeared the size of toys and cars were nothing bigger than a quarter. 

“You can sit down if the height is making you dizzy.” She suggested. 

Until now, it hadn't occurred to me how strange this past hour or so was. I began to sit down while thinking over what led me to this edge. Suddenly my train of thought was once again broken by this mysterious yet majestic stranger. 

“I'm not usually up here for hours like this, but I noticed you were the only one who stayed after the sun had set.” She explained. 

Her words bounced around in my head for a moment as I scrambled to put together a proper response. Now sitting next to me, I could feel her shoulder just barely brush up against mine. The two of us sat millimeters apart between crenellations and for a moment all we did was look out over the city. She turned her head to me and smiled a bit asking,

“What's on your mind?” 

As I turned to look into her rather beautiful lime colored eyes, I blurted,

“Am I in a dream?”

She let out some soft laughter, smiled and laid her head on my shoulder proclaiming,

“We might be dreaming, does it actually take anything away from these moments? I tend to think it doesn't. Like for instance, life could be a dream… or nightmare depending on how you look at things. I mean if this is truly a dream, shouldn't we wake only after what feels like an eternity has passed, much like our own lives?” 

“Are you saying that I should just go with the flow and not worry about why or how im here right now?” I asked stunned by the complexity of this particular conversation. 

“You’re here because you want to be. I assume if you didn't want to be, you wouldn't.”

For some reason, one I couldn't put my finger on, that was all I needed to hear. Thinking back on it, I may have not known where I was or why I was here but if I wanted to go I could have. 

“So then who are you?” I asked, if for no other reason than to progress this inquizitive conversation. 

“My name is Phoebe. How bout you?” She said smiling up at me. 


“Nice to meet you Seth, wanna go check out the city? I heard there's a big party about to get started across from the car dealership over there.” She said pointing out into the distance. 

As my eyes followed her flinger, I took notice of the dealership and a large cottage style home planted across the street. If there was a party there it was probably a big one. Initially I was going to say no and end my night here, however I wanted to attend at least if Phoebe was going as well. 

“I'm not sure im going to know anyone there but sure, why not.” 

“I probably won't either, but ill know you and that's a start.” She said with her lovely smile.

© 2019 P.J. Amey

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Added on December 15, 2019
Last Updated on December 15, 2019
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