A Poem by BikerAngie

It is often said smart animals are easily trained
They are, but:
I have come to the conclusion
Brilliant animals train us

My new kitten is a prime example
I named her Angel, but:

Three days into the relationship
Her crooked halo is already evident
The first day home she let me know
She is queen of the house

I am to drop everything and pay her attention

When she so commands
And demand she does!!

It is play time when she say
Roll the ball
I’ll chaise, but;
You must roll it

Feed me time when she says
Yes I love the Chicken Alfredo, but:
Next time no pepper
The chicken is mine
You get the noodles and veggies

Love me time when she say’s
I’ll attack your feet if you try to sleep
And swat my noisiest toys
Till awake atlas you are
To play, feed, and love me
So I can sleep
While you sit wide awake in awww of me!!

But funniest I think is
Clean my litter now!!
First off moms cat wont even cover hers
Angel cover, smells, and covers more till no smell avails
If I do not clean it out soon enough
She has already shown me
She will!!
She digs it out right out of the box
Onto my carpet
Leaving only the clean litter in the box
Piling the dirty right next to it

© 2012 BikerAngie

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I like this. It's humorous and enjoyable to read. :) Nice job.
~Rae Emeral

Posted 9 Years Ago

Hey you know I gots to love cat poems.
one day my cat ran off. call of the wild born free and all that. well couple days pass and midnight I hear that scratch on the door. Cat came home and first order of busness? Not the food bowl, ohh no, she ran straight for the cat box. The look on her face as she lest lose was "You wouldnt belive it mom but there are no cat boxes out there, and I looked everywhere'

Posted 9 Years Ago

This is so true. Lie the other day my dad was throwing the ball to my dog outside and he told her to put the ball on the wooden part of the porch and she did it. then she went to the yard and waited for him to through the ball. He said it got him thinking because she did what he wanted by putting the ball where he wanted her to and then she went down to the yard so he could throw the ball like she wanted. so really he thought who is training who??? by the way great poem :P

Posted 9 Years Ago

This is so adorable.

Posted 9 Years Ago

this is so cute :). and yes, i definaltly agree, animals have interesting ways of telling us there needs.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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A Poem by BikerAngie

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