Can't we all agree to disagree

Can't we all agree to disagree

A Story by BikerAngie

Well more thoughts than a story but there is not a category for fillings written as thought and opinions


Why does it or should it matter, Black, White, Mexican or Russian for that matter any ethnic group, humanity is what matters not ethnicity.  Why can’t we be more into humanity, and less into where someone is from and what color or religion they are.  I for one am a white Christian. But what does that matter, what does it say about who I am, or what I am as a person?  I have met many people over my life some who claim to be Christians, and some who claim to be involved practicing Wicca, or Atheist, to me it is what kind of human being are you that matters, not your religious faith, or your color, or where you are from.  What should matter is how we treat others.  All people regardless of ethnicity and religion should be treated with dignity and respect.  While yes, I do believe in one God and One Son!  I do also believe God gave us all free will to choose to accept or not accept him.  I do believe we are to share our beliefs but not cram them down others throats. If we are not living as Christian yet we preach God with out showing Christ love, we not do more damage than good, than if we show them Christ love rather than cram Him down there throats.

I believe the best way to share those beliefs is in the way we live our lives daily and by showing Gods love more so than by preaching it.   I feel the best way to share our faith is by the love and respect we afford each and every person we meet in our daily lives and in how we live our lives.  To describe someone as good or bad based on skin color, or religion, I find disgusting.  In my belief there was only one Adam and one Eve.   Thus making us all brothers and sisters in Christ. The difference only comes in to play as to whether we choose to act as brothers and sisters, and to accept Gods Grace and gift of eternal salvation.

As far as color goes I do not believe God sees people in colors but rather as his children.   God gave man a right to choose him or not, so how is it for me or any man or woman to judge those who decide to live differently.  Not all Christians are judgmental and not all are hypocrites.  Just as not all blacks or Hispanics or middle Eastern, or any other race are bad or good.  We need to look at the person not what they look like on the outside but rather on the inside how do they treat others. Can’t we just all agree to disagree and become one with the universe.

To me being a Christian is being as Christ like as humanly possible.  Christ did not sit in a church demanding those who wanted to know him come to him, Christ went out in love and taught them through actions and how he lived his life with love and compassion. He did not sit in the church and wait on the sinner to come to him, he went to them in love and showed them compassion.  He accepted them and ministered to them in love not in disdain.  We are all sinners and none of us have earned nor are we capable of earning our way into heaven and God knows I have done my share of sinning and I do not lead the perfect life I am not one to look to as a role model.  But I am one to say he has brought me through many perils I could not have endured had he not lifted me up.  The thing I ask is that we all respect each other though our religions and our colors may be different we are all of the same origin. After all is it not how we treat others that defines who we are as individuals.

Let me ask you when you are about to judge someone do you look back at the lies you told the many sins of your past?  For as you judge others God will judge you accordingly. And when you say I must change before accepting his love let me ask do you take your clean clothes to the laundry mat?  He accepts you just as you are sin and all all He ask is that you believe and ask him into your heart.

© 2012 BikerAngie

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it appears that you have a massive flesh wound that is pouring out for someone to tend to.. well.. all i can tell you is keep writing.. hone what you have to say until it is as razor sharp as the thing that caused the wound in the first place, once you get your writing to cut the ideals of readers so deeply; that it hurts them to read it, as much as it hurts you to share and write it.. then it will be profound.. (dont get me wrong your experience and what you are saying is profound) however people want profound to be packaged in a little box that looks nice.. in my opinion that's complete crap.. but hey.. it is what it is.. and what you have to say.. is something that needs to be said.. i am reviewing this because i saw your frustration about not receiving reviews from a group that we are both in.. here is my honest and unbiased review..

Your focus does indeed carry a hot-spot or a fine point that your writing attempts to express, i will however raise concern that the focus of the story is lacking definition, meaning we as readers are moved from one place to another, we start out believing that this short story is a question or a waved flag for race relations or for the educated socially derived frustration or rant. But the story quickly forces the reader to go from dealing with the already difficult situation of racial issues, to the even more difficult and less observed and defended premise of religion and morality. Herein lies my problem with the story (and trust me i like the story, its my own personal thoughts and feelings only with your hand writing it) Pay unto Cesar what belongs to Cesar and unto God what belongs to God.. you cant mix the two.. if you try to mix a social construct of reality with a moral (i use that word loosely in this case) or religious perspective you will get burned... nobody will understand where you are coming from or where you are going.. my recommendation is this.. take the things that God can answer for, and pack them up into one story, take the things that man and this world can be held responsible for and pack them up in another story, make it one story with two chapters, either way.. you have many great points here, but you simply offer entirely too much for the average person to digest in a few short paragraphs... Keep up the good writing! -s

Posted 9 Years Ago

This is great. It's written very well, and I agree completely! I for one am a Christian, but it's not what we as Christians do that defines us. We will mess up just as much as the non-Christian. It's Who we are trying to be like that defines us. Great piece. :) God bless.
~Rae Emeral

Posted 9 Years Ago

as far as religon goes, well I'm a dedicated American free market panthiest. I belive the gods exist and like all good Americans I'm always looking to cut a deal.
Christainity well christ was ok but eeeeeks his follwers. Well if making a deal with christ means going to heaven and hanging with those guys, I'll pass. But its nice that he is there for you.

Posted 9 Years Ago

This kinda reminds me of lady gaga's song born this way. which i might add is awesome because i love that song. so there for i love this :) great job!

Posted 9 Years Ago

I've heard that saying how many times today? Oh yea,about six. :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

i completly agree with you, with everything you said. since we are all people, we need to treat eachother with respect, wheather we agree with eachother or not. also, it is better to show eachother our faith by are actions, not our words. instead of forcing people into a religon, we should show them Gods kindness, and the rest will fall in to place. you are great with words and can easily express your point of view. not everybody can do that. great work! 100100

Posted 9 Years Ago

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