A Poem by BillTemple

The final poem in the Ivory Skin series.


The bloodied footprints

followed a path,

from the bedroom to the hallway.

She stood in front of a full length mirror,

And stared blankly at the




it projected.

"Where are you?"

Her voice was a mere whisper.


help me."

She looked away from the mirror

to the gun in her hand.

The pain was gone from her chest.

The blue, black, river on her cheeks,

was nothing now,

but a dark,

dried riverbed.

She tried to raise her hand,

but it was like the weight of the world

was pulling it down,

draining her of every ounce of life.

Her fingers slowly unfurled,

the gun fell to the floor.

She stared at it blankly,

for what seemed,

an eternity.

The only sound,

was silence.


The voice seemed to come from somewhere,


whispering her name.

She looked back at the mirror.

The darkness was slowly lifting,

like the sun

burning off the fog.

The image had returned.

The long red hair

The emerald green eyes

Sculptured nose

Perfect lips

Ivory skin

"You came back for me."

She put her hand to the mirror.

It was smooth and warm to the touch.

"I missed you."

Fingers entwined.

She could feel the life surging back into her body.

She closed her eyes.

A rush of warmth cascaded through her veins.

Every nerve exploded with the sensation of ecstasy.

Her breathing was rapid.

Her mind erupted with a thousand images.

Her body tingled as a thousand fingers gently touched her skin.

She gasped.

Opened her eyes.

"It's time, Zara."

Two became one...........

She stood in front of the hall mirror.

Her reflected image stared back at her.


A man's voice.

She touched the mirror. It was cool and smooth.

She turned,


So did the image in the mirror.

© December 22, 2012.

© 2013 BillTemple

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Great imagery in this...moved me along with the suspense...

Posted 10 Years Ago

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10 Years Ago

Thank you. I hope you read all the poems in this series to get the full impact of the story.
This is the 5th and final poem in the series. These five poems describe one night in the life of this woman, Zara. These poems are based on the true events of a friend of mine. These poems cover but one night.
On my Wattpad site, the full story of Zara is posted, telling her story from birth to the weekend that these events occurred and even to the present. It is a story that has inspired many people.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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