A Story by Billiejago

Realising who matters.

Sometimes in life, you come across a special person you appreciate more than could be put into words.
A person who understands a simple "hello" means "I'm thinking of you". 
A person who you may not speak to for days on end, but who knows your friendship will never change.
People pass through your life, but those who truly matter remain planted in your heart. Memories shared, and endless memories to come. 

Throughout the years, life turns various corners and realisations hit. There are challenging times; moments when your heart will break and an early morning reassurance is simply all you need. There are times when you need arms wrapped around you for a passing moment, or your hours filled with nonsense on TV followed by stuffed bellies. 
There are times when an occurrence triggers you to giggle to yourself, knowing only that one person will understand the meaning of your apparent insanity. Times when your thoughts will turn to that person, for no reason other than realising there is no one quite like her. 
Throughout all of these times and moments yet to pass, I have relied on, and know I can continue to, depend on her.

 My irreplaceable best friend. 

No one can be as caring and understanding as her; as thoughtful or as warm hearted as her; as inspirational and ambitious as her.
In times she needs me in return, I aspire to be as comforting and loving as her, as she is to me. 
We cannot compare others, yet I know there is only one of her

My beautiful best friend. 

© 2014 Billiejago

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Added on March 24, 2014
Last Updated on March 24, 2014
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Valencia, Spain

I am a TEFL Teacher, travelling the world and teaching, one country at a time. Recently back from China and now living in Spain, I have acquired a passion for writing and sharing my experiences with o.. more..

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A Story by Billiejago