Time, Enemy Number One!

Time, Enemy Number One!

A Poem by Billy G

I am one, I am only one man.

A man apart at times.

Apart from himself.

Apart from the world.

At times I don't believe I belong to this world.

Was I meant for another time, another land, far far away.

I dream of far away worlds, of lives that aren't my own.

Sometimes as if they are my own.

I am one with one life yet, I feel as though I have and am living many lives at once.

Who will I wake up as tonight.

And through all this can I finally find what I need to make my drams and wishes come true?

If I do will I find peace or will I still be discontent.

I look to the sky and wonder why God created such a person as me or any of us for that matter.

What purpose must we have?

Are we all just actors in some grand play or pieces in a great big game of chess?

If so which am I?

A pone?

An extra?

A knight or a staring actor?

Maybe within the scope of my own life but, more the other in the big scheme of things.

Will, is it enough to just have a strong one or must one have more than that to see them self through a hurricane?

In the eye I feel safe.

In the I, I feel safe.

Within me I feel secure yet, something nags at me from within.

What could it be?

 Could it be my muse is beckoning me to explore that which it is giving me.

Could it be a greater calling from the Lord out GOD?

Or am I just simply getting restless, irritable, and discontent?

Now time is my only enemy.

A formidable one at that.

As one "Muse" once said, " Don't waste your time or time will waste you."

It is true, time waits for no one and in the end is it not the killer of us all?

Time should stand trial for its crimes against humanity yet, it should also be celebrated for all the good that's come from it.

In the end time is not your friend unless, you know how to use it.

Just don't let it use you up!

Cause it will chew you up and spit you out and don't you forget it!

Time, enemy number one!



© 2012 Billy G

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Added on September 13, 2012
Last Updated on September 13, 2012


Billy G
Billy G

San Bernardino, CA

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