Chapter1: Prince Coincided

Chapter1: Prince Coincided

A Chapter by Lettie

Chapter One: Prince Coincided

Everyone was staring at me. I could feel there eyes burn in my back, but I was use to eyes being on me. My father taught me that I should let people stare, and even more, give them something to stare at.

Just by being the son of Griffin the Great, eyes always bore into the back of my head. I was Kennith Griffin, son of the thirteen Oscar winning Cedric Griffin, though now everyone took accustom to calling him just Griffin. My dad had the power, the looks and the money of the real world, just like I would one day.

I remember my father saying that it is better to be feared than respected, because if people were afraid of you they would also come to respect you. My father saying this, I never questioned it. Why would I? My father had respect of the entire United States if not the world. I did not know one person who did not know the name of Griffin.

I was a sophomore at the highest rated private school in New York City. It was filled with the wealthy, the only ones who could afford this education and the half percent of scholarship students, who didn't deserve to be here.

"Guess who," a voice as smoothed as honey whispered into my ear, and thin, tan arms wrapped themselves tightly over my body.

"Hmmm, this is a tricky one," I said in mock thinking. "Could it be the oh-so-beautiful Sophia Lenox? Who, by just staring at her, will become famous one day."

A kiss on my neck told me I was correct. I gave Sophia a moment to tease me, before using my football reflexes, and span around, catching the blue eye beauty in my arms. "Hey," I said softly, before catching her lips with my own.

The kiss was short and sweet, before Sophia pushed me away. It was the first time I got to really look at her all day today. She was a pretty girl, with prefect golden hair that went down to her waist, light blue eyes framed with a little too much black to make them look bigger, and a tiny (and I mean tiny) complexion. To be honest, I think she has a little eating disorder because of the fact that if I was to take both my hands and place them on her waist, they would touch.

"I have to go," she said sweetly. "See you tomorrow at you birthday bash?"

Sophia didn't even give me time to reply, because she was half way down the hall when I opened my mouth. Sometimes I don't even know why I put up with her attitude, but then I remembered that she was the hottest girl in school, and it was kinda of a requirement for the hottest girl to be dating the hottest guy, which was obviously me.

Turning around I started walking to my next class. Not that it would be a bad thing if I was late or anything. No, I already had the teachers under my control and it wasn't even November yet. You just had to play the Griffin charm, and remind people who you were and you would always come out on top. Having money didn't hurt the chances either.

I must have not been paying attention because next thing I next I smacked hard into an object and grabbed on to the wall so I would not fall. The object that I fell into didn't fair so lucky. She flew backwards, her books and papers went with her covering the now empty hallway floor. I brushed my shirt off and looked down at her.

Who was she? I thought I knew every person at this school, but I didn't recognize her at all. Most of her face was covered up by the mess of thick frizz she called hair, and her clothes were not in style. I figured that she had to be one of those scholarship winners, who I never paid attention too because they were unattractive and used their smarts to go where they didn't belong.

Except this girl wasn't really ugly. Actually, she had sort of a cute look going to her, being poor and innocent. Her black square glasses were a little crooked on her freckled coated nose, and her eyes were huge, brown and looked like she was about to cry at any moment.

"Sorry," I said swiftly, finally remembering my manners. I was going to bend down and help her out, when I realized that she had already finished and was standing herself up. She brushed a curl out of her face and a name came to mind. "Shirley?" I asked her.

"Charisse," the girl corrected without hesitation.

"Well I am very sorry, Charisse." I said with just a hint of sarcasm. She gave me a disgusted look, that involved her scrunching up her nose. I tried not to laugh.

"It's fine," she mumbled and before I could say another word she spun around and walked away.

Okay, that was rude. What was with all these girls and walking away from me. Nobody walked away from Ken Griffin without a reason. Well, they did have class, a mental voice reminded me. "That's not a good enough reason," I said aloud, before I too, remembered that I had to get to class.

© 2010 Lettie

Author's Note

So my first time writing from a boys point-of-view. So what do you think? Did I pull off the highschool boy style okay?

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You knocked this one outta the park, Scarletta! Superb start to your book! ㋡

Posted 10 Years Ago

You did pretty good for boys point of view. Please continue on

Posted 10 Years Ago

Inyeresting. Can't wait to read on =•]

Posted 10 Years Ago

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