Chapte One: Lucky You

Chapte One: Lucky You

A Chapter by Lettie

Lucky has the power over the air, but she isn't the only one. She is a Guardian of Nature, the Keeper of Air to be exact, but she doesn't realize this until after the Government finds her.

Lucky You

It was a typical, cold, November day in Buffalo, North Dakota, when my life changed forever.

The autumn breeze woke me up that morning, because somebody (my mom) opened my window last night and forgot to to close it. So my already-cold-room was now just about twenty degrees colder because it was only twenty-three degrees and the frozen white snow already took over the ground. This wasn't strange in Buffalo; the weather was usually rain, clouds, snow and more snow, in that order, every year. It wasn't unusual to see the sun for days at time and to have over well over five inches of snow in a single snow fall.

I snuggled under my pink and yellow patched quilt and hid my head under my goose feather pillow, hoping to stay warm and get a couple more minutes of sleep. It almost work too. I was only a few seconds away from dreamland, when a heavy weight jumped on the bed and I, barking. Groaning, I sat up from my warm sanctuary and was greeted by a large, wet tongue on my cheek. "Good morning to you too, Kurt," I mumbled sleepily.

Another bark and a cold nose pushing against my face. "Fine. I'm getting up," I told my spoiled, beautiful Collie, who wagged his tail. No matter what, I could never be mad at Kurt. He always made my day and he happened to be my only friend in this small town.

Getting up, I stumbled to the bathroom splashed water on my face and stared at the mirror. I looked pretty normal at first glance; shoulder-length dark brown hair, a naturally light tan skin tone, a small nose with matching mouth, a flat slender body,  average height, high cheek bones, and naturally pink cheeks (so it looked like I was always blushing). Then people always had to double look and stare at my eyes, which was the most strange and interesting thing about me. They were large, framed with long black lashes that always gave me an innocent, little girl look. They were also yellow.

I am serious my eyes are yellow and not that amber color or the yellowish green, I am talking about my iris are bright yellow. Even though I live in the middle of nowhere, my family does own a computer (though it does run super slow) and one day I Googled "yellow eyes," because none of the kids at my school had a strange eye color and they were starting to make fun of me calling me a freak and the children of the really religious, a demon. Apparently, having my yellow eyes is unknown and unheard of in humans; apparently the parents knew this too, because they always gave me dirty looks after they saw my eyes.

It doesn't bother me anymore like it did when I was little. I like me eyes and I have nothing to be ashamed of, especially housing the devil like the Church Minister hints I am doing whenever I walk by. That was the reason my family stopped going to church, because my parents didn't think it was a healthy environment for me, if our town was going to sit and discuss why I had a demon inside me and how to get rid of it, which is what happened on the last day before we stopped going.

I was an outcast in Buffalo, and because of me, so were my parents. Adults hated me, because they spent too much time gossiping inside the Church walls, and children hated me because they thought I was a freak and listened too much to their parents. My parents, on the other hand, told me that I did not have a demon or the devil inside me, and I was just a normal little girl who they loved no matter what.

Sighing, I walked over to the small closet in the light rose pink bedroom and stared blankly at my wardrobe. It was all clothes that most people would wear in the winter, mostly because it was always cold in Buffalo. Sure, in the summer the average was about seventy degrees and on occasion it went above that, but most of the time it was pretty chilly. At the moment, I knew it was twenty-three degrees outside with an wind speed of thirteen point five miles of hour. It was snowing hard, and with the wind it would probably seem like a blizzard today. It was one of those days where I would sit in the house, reading a book and drinking hot chocolate, which was actually my plan for a day.

I picked out a long sleeve yellow shirt, with a low v-neck and a darker glittery yellow peace sign iron on the front. I placed a white cami under that, because the shirt went rather low and paired it with a pair of dark skinny jeans. Then pulling on a pair of Tinker Bell socks, I got when I was about eight, I headed to the kitchen with Kurt fallowing my every step.

Both my parents were Professors at North Dakota State University in Fargo, about thirty miles away from where we lived. They left early in the morning and got home late in the night, but I was okay with them being gone all the time. My parents were very good parents, but there was only so much I wanted them to know about my life. They had no idea how much I was insulted and I didn't want them to know. My parents already got us kicked out and banned from the Church for life, because of them defending me and I really didn't want them to get kick out of Buffalo, where my dad grew up. So I kept quiet, played it safe and pretend to live a happy life and not one where I was called names and talked about behind my back. Things went better that way.

It was when I was pouring the milk into my Coco Pebbles that the front door was broken down. I jumped, dropping the milk, which spilled on the floor and spun around. Two men stood at the door, in black suits and guns in hands. I screamed and Kurt, who was already barking like mad, attacked. I don't even remember the loud bang of the first shot, nor the second and third, but in moments my beautiful, long-haired, Rough Collie, laid dead upon the floor, lying in his own puddle of blood.

Once again, I screamed, but this time it was more muffled as I was crying too. I ran, without much thought, and though I could see through my tear-stained eyes, I had little idea where my feet were carrying me too. Not much thought for that though, since I heard the heavy foot steps behind me. Holding back my yells, I reached the back door, trying to get a clear thought. I struggled under the pressure of opening the door, but finally manage.

Outside was beautiful; all white with very little other color. But the snow was already close to eight inches deep. S**t. Not having any choice, I plunged into the knee deep snow and tried to move as fast as I can. Who are they? Why are they here. What do they want from me? I tried to answer these questions, while moving through the deep fluff and while holding back my tears. It was not easy.

The first gunshot missed me by an inch. I screamed, with how close it would have hit my shoulder blade. I'm going to die, I thought in a rush. With my breathing heavy, I kept moving, knowing I didn't have much of a choice since they were so close to me. The second shot, hit me on the right side of my waist.

The pain was excruciating, and it felt like I was on fire. I fell to the ground holding where the bullet went through; I could already feel the warm blood covering my hands. My entire body burned, and I knew this was the end. My vision was fading and black dots danced before my eyes. The foot steps thudded closer to me, and I gasped in pain, when I turned to meet my murders.

With my left hand I clutched my side and with my right I made a swift swish movement with my hand. Don't ask what I was doing, because I had no idea. At once the two men in suits flew backwards, I stared dumbfounded at what had just happened. My blood was boiling as I sank deeper in the snow. I knew this was the end, since I could see one of my predators already getting up in the snow. I urged my eyes to stay open as they fluttered close and for my body to stand up and fight as it was shutting down.

They both were up now, and this time they were in no rush to get to me. Panting, I used my last energy to push my body up so I was on my knees. I was once again shot, this time in the stomach and I sobbed in pain and fear. I fell to the ground again, face first into the icy snow. My day could not get any worst.

"We aren't allowed to kill her, yet," a guff voice said as a foot prodded me in the side. I always heard it was said hearing was the last sense to go, I now fully believe it. I couldn't see or move, but my hearing was okay. I tried to remember in Health why this was. It was something about your eyesight going as soon as you lose the strength to keep your eyelids open. Check. And there was more about your sense of touch diminishes as your blood pressure drops and blood is reserved for the brain and heart. Check. And then I remember Ms. Wallas explaining in her monotone voice that I always toned out in that since your ears are close to your brain, they will have a decent blood supply as long as your brain has blood. qnd it takes no physical strength to operate the ears. So usually the last thing to go is you hearing. Hmm. I can officially say this is true.

"Let's take her back before she drains out and dies." Oh what lovely people, I thought bitterly as I felt my body being picked up. I was like a rag doll, helpless to do anything, yet fully aware of my surroundings. "With that little trick that she did, we know for sure she is the one." What the eff were they taking about, I wondered as I was jerked violently. They could have a little more compassion. I could already hear things fading, and I knew my time was running short. What would my mom and dad say when they came home and found little Kurtty dead and me gone. They were going to die themselves!

"We finally have all four!" I heard the other voice said happily, like a little kid who was just given a huge bag of candy for tattling on their friends. I was sicken and losing control of my body. Before I lost my hearing I lastly heard: "The process of execution will begin in two daylights."

I stand corrected. My day could get worst.

© 2010 Lettie

Author's Note

So just so we are clear, Lucky is a girl. I will explain more about her in later chapters. She is one of the four main characters in the story. The others being, Ava, Nate and Hunter. Thank you for reading.

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Just amazing! I'm glad you told us the character's name is Lucky, but the title of the chapter is still ironic.
It's sad that her church treated her as bad as she was treated.
Could you send me a request to read when you post the next chapter? Thanks.

Posted 13 Years Ago

Ugh!!!! Another book only in the second chapter!!!!! lol.... *sigh* send me requests when you get another one up.

Posted 13 Years Ago

Fun, I really like it! The idea is nice too. :-)

Posted 13 Years Ago

I REALLY want MORE. this hooked me its good i cant really say much more that hasent already been said. GREAT JOB!!!

Posted 13 Years Ago

ok so two things. number one, its kinda bothering me hat you have so many run on sentances. secondly, you said that her parents stopped going to church. later, you said that they were kicked out of church. it doesnt really make sense. other than that, i love the story and im looking forward to reading more!!

Posted 13 Years Ago

I felt like I was in her shoes. I'm mad they shot kurt though. Like dang why does the dog always have to die. You forgot a letter in your words here and there, but thats all I saw. I do it all the time so I can't talk. Great job

Posted 13 Years Ago

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"Nobody important". Blimey, that's amazing. D'you know, in 900 years of time and space I've never met anyone who wasn't important before.;; I'm a girl to start out with, fifteen years young, but do.. more..

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