North of Hopeless

North of Hopeless

A Chapter by Lettie

Chapter One: North of Hopeless

The first time I saw what I looked like was on the television. An old guys was talking, but I couldn't hear the words. Next to him was a picture of a crazed girl, her golden hair falling in tangles around a washed out face. Her unusual blue eyes sunken in and dead. For some reason I could still read and underneath the picture a caption simply said "Unknown Girl Found." I didn't find out till later that the deranged looking girl was actually me; I didn't even remember taking the picture.

A few moments later a nurse walked into the room. She was middle aged, with short dishwater blond curls, and a fake smile to big for her face. She looked over me, took my temperate and heartbeat and did a few other things I had yet to understand. 

"How are we today Jane," she asked still smiling. We both knew that I couldn't reply. I couldn't talk since I woke up in the bright room eight and a half days before. Everyone called me Jane though, I didn't know why. My name wasn't Jane... or at least I didn't think it was. Actually, I didn't remember what it my name was. I just knew it wasn't Jane. They called me Jane because they told me I was a Jane Doe, an unknown person and that they were trying to find my family.

"Move you right hand for me Jane," the nurse said and I did. "Now your left," she stated after writing something down on her blue clipboard. I complied without hesitation. This was a daily thing, so I was used to it. Move your foot, move your fingers, move your toes, lift your arm; we went through all of them and the nurse scribbled frantically on the clipboard. "Well," she started after we had finished. "We are making excellent progress today Jane!" The nurse said, still smiling. She said that every day. "Dr. Taylor will be in to see you shortly. 

She left without another word and I was glad. If I could speak I would tell her to shut up and go. My attention went back to the TV and I reached for the remote to flip channels. On channel six I saw her again. The girl that looked dead and I clicked paused when they zoomed in on the picture.

Dr. Taylor took seventeen and a third of a minute to get to my room, which was strange since he usually took only eight and two thirds of a minute to walk up here. He came in beaming, looking more happy than usual. Of all the nurses and doctors that came to see me, Doctor Taylor was by far my favorite. Unlike the other he didn't act fake or lie to spare feelings.

He was a young man, handsome according the the other nurses, with a squarish face, dark brown hair which was styled perfectly and bright hazel eyes. "Good morning dear!" Dr. Taylor said smiling, and not a fake smile like the blonde nurse. That was another reason why I liked him. He knew I hated the name Jane, so he never called me by it. Instead he used 'dear' or sweetheart' for me. 

I didn't give him a chance to speak (I already knew what he was going to say anyways). Instead I pointed up to the screen where the golden hair girl was still paused on the screen. He turned around slightly and I could see his eyes widen, his face turn paler. He was biting his lip when he faced me once again.

He was worried, nervous, scared even when I stared at him, these emotions clearly written on his face. I blinked at him waiting for him to speak, though I knew he wouldn't. Dr. Taylor was deeply lost in his thoughts and I knew that I need something to snap him out of it.

"W-whos ish s-sh-ees?" I asked softly, the words foreign in my mouth. The first words I had ever spoken. That admittedly caught Dr. Taylor's attention as his eyes shot towards me, huge with shock. His mouth open and I guess he was trying to say multiple things at once, because what came out of his mouth was not English or any other language anyone on the planet earth spoke for that matter.

He clear his throat multiple times and finally after five minutes and twenty-three seconds, he simply said: "She's you."

And that was the actual start of my life.

© 2010 Lettie

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Please try to get back to this book, it's intriguing, and I'd really like to read more!
Keep up the great- no, awesome, no, EPIC! - work! :D

Posted 9 Years Ago

im liking it!!!!

Posted 12 Years Ago

Interesting chapter. This is the kind of book I can get into! Can't wait for more. :)

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Wonderland, WI

"Nobody important". Blimey, that's amazing. D'you know, in 900 years of time and space I've never met anyone who wasn't important before.;; I'm a girl to start out with, fifteen years young, but do.. more..

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