I go to bed

I go to bed

A Poem by BitterStrength

often wondering what it would be like to never wake up....

I’ve went to bed
Often wondering what it would be like to never wake up,
the thought doesn’t scare me
In fact it intrigues me.

What would it be like to let my lifeless hands dance across the sky
To have my soul be carried across the wind
I wonder where it will end
Where it will go
Will it just let the wind take it where ever, not putting up a fight
Or force it to it’s own direction
Bending it at it’s will

I wonder what it will be like to have my body forever be buried in such a cramp box
Will it hate me for leaving it in such a tight  place
Not letting it have any room to stretch or play
Or would it rather I cremate it
that way it can be scattered amongst the wind too

I wonder if the ashes and my soul will meet
Will they get along?
Will they sit and talk like old folks reminiscing about the good old days
Or will they fight against each other blaming the other for their death

I go to bed
Wondering about such weird things
I go to bed
In hopes that when  I go to sleep
I never wake up

© 2010 BitterStrength

Author's Note

Something I wrote when I couldn't sleep

Sorry if there's any misspelling or grammar problems.

Please rate/comment to tell me how you feel about it

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Added on October 17, 2010
Last Updated on October 17, 2010




Lame display name sorry about that just decided to use the meaning of my name how creative am I? I am an amateur writer/poet. My grammar skills are we'll just say lacking but I'm always open for p.. more..