A Chapter by Blue Bird II

   A coast guard walked up to the cave. He found all of the relics, and Sherwin and I's diaries, all sitting on that one rock. Etched into the rock were the initials D & S. The coast guard picked up the diary that was titled with a "D". Cob webs broke their bind as he lifted it up. He patted the cover.

    On the other side of the island is where our journey begins. Starting with a vacation gone wrong, and seven college students faced with a struggle for survival.

Day 32- Flashback

A storm, a boat, and an Island. We. . . we were on our way to. . . somewhere. . . to a resort. There were. . . seven or eight of us. Maybe six. He had. . . a burn, on his finger. Died, in the ocean. Then, we argued, and, she left. They didn't come back. Only one did, the other two. . . fell. . . died. Another storm, another boat, same island. A raft. . . only one survivor. She. . . she's. . . asleep. Resting. . . but why? Why won't she wake up? Who is she? WHO? 


Night Diary ~ 56 Days ~


Day 1-----

    Our first day on this island. Our vessell was destroyed beyond repair, so we had to stay for the night.

   There were seven of us here. Jeremiah said that we would be able to depart in no longer than a week after tonight. However, I decided to keep all of this documented. Using this journal, and Sherwin's journal, we would keep track of everything that happens. This could be good for a history project or something right?

    What a day it has been. I am exhausted, so I will go join my friends in their sleep under the palm trees.


Day 2-----

   Last night, I had a crazy wierd dream. Josh and I were the only survivors, and the island was barely big enough for both our feet. Whats worse is there were sharks swarming around us.

   When I woke up, we were all still here ( Thankfully ). Jeremiah was repairing the boat the whole day. Well, he was trying. Everyone else seemed content.

    We spent the day talking and having a good time.


Day 3-----

   Last night I had the same dream, only this time it was Rilee. In the morning, we decided we needed shelter, so Brad and I went off into the forest to get wood. It was a beautiful jungle, but we were aware of the dangers that we were possibly going to face.

   After getting as much tree bark as we could carry, we headed back to the beach. We spent the remaining time of the day trying to piece together our shelter, but were unsuccsessful.

   We are going to have to sleep under the palm trees again.


Day 4-----

   The same dream. Only this time, maps piled up into a mountain, and I was alone, trying to ascend the pile. I was running from the sharks, who were jumping out of the water and striking their large jaws at me.

   For some reason, I couldn't go any higher, and I was defending myself with my foot. I was kicking the sharks nose, when it bit me.

   But their wasn't any blood. Instead, I felt adrennaline race through my body. I woke up with a starfish clinging to my foot.

   The only signifigance about today, was that we discovered that palm trees weren't enough shelter. It started raining.


Day 5-----

   I wish I was able to have the same dream. Instead, I couldn't sleep at all last night. It was unbearably cold . . . and wet.


Day 6-----

   My dream continued on. After the shark bit my foot, the pile fell over, and I was suddenly in the ocean. Wierd looking monsters were every where. Hundreds of horrid sea predators, waiting for me to try and move.

   I can't remember how the dream ended, I just remember waking up. Today we worked on the boat more, but Brad was injured. His finger was electracuted, and he had a bad burn.

   We only have half our food left, so we are going to ration it now. The sun is falling, and the moon is rising, time for sleep.


Day 7- The First Day


Its horrible! The tide carried our vessell back out to sea! We are stranded.


We aren't taking this so well. We have no more rations to ration, we can't piece a shelter, and Brad's burn is getting worse.


It occured to us that we would need to keep a log of important events if we were going to wait for help. So, we used Sherwin's diary for that, and this diary for every single day. Beginning with the first.




© 2011 Blue Bird II

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I think this was very well written. When you finish the contest you should turn it into a book. This will be a good book. I already love this. I can't wait for you to continue.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Blue Bird II
Blue Bird II

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A Chapter by Blue Bird II