And so the Days begin...

And so the Days begin...

A Chapter by Blue Bird II

Day 8- Waiting

    The day went by very slow. Jeremiah, Sherwin and I went out to see if we could find any fruit, while Josh stayed back with Alison and Rilee. Brad was in a lot of pain, and he need ed medical attention.

    Jeremiah decided it would be best if we all stay put on the island and wait for rescue. Besides, they should've sent a search party, right?


Day 9- Fruit Basket

    Today, we found a motherload of bananas and peaches! We had enough food for a week, tops! That was the good news, but Brad is starting to get sick. What can we do?


Day 10- Brad

     Brad was found dead in inch deep ocean this morning. We decided to bury him under the palm trees.

     Another discovery. A whale slowly washed up on shore this after noon. We now had meat, and available sinew. My plan was to use that sinew to piece together the bark so we would have shelter.

     We used giant leaves to make the roof. We set it up at the base of a rock so we could make it bigger. It was big enough for only five of us, so I sleeping outside tonight.


Day 11- Facts

     It was now clear to us that help wasn't coming. And if thats not enough, Alison and I had an argument that got out of hand. She strayed away from the group, and we don't know where she went.


Day 12- Wide Open

     We realized something today. That we need to keep our food away from the animals. We began carving shelves in the rock, while Jeremiah and Josh searched for Alison.


Day 13- Where Is She?

     The three of them have been gone for quite some time now. Rilee, Sherwin and I are begining to become worried. They should have been back by now.


Day 14- Another Day, Another Ocean.

     Another day has gone by and they still haven't returned. Did something happen to them? We waited the whole day out trying to occupy ourselves, but we couldn't stop worrying.


Day 15- So Close

     Damn it!! The worse possible thing happened to us today. Okay, we were picking at the whale's bones to make weapons in the foggy morning when IT happened.

     Out at sea, was a speed vessell, treading the waters. When we called for it, it didn't turn around at first. It was pretty far out to sea so I'm surprised it saw us. But, while it was heading towards us, it must have thought we were something else, because it turned around and headed back to sea.

     We were so close! Not only that, but the others are still missing.



© 2011 Blue Bird II

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The second part is very good as well. I loved this. I thought this was awesome again. I can't wait to read the third and fourth volume. Thanks for sharing.

Posted 12 Years Ago

This is very good! (:

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Blue Bird II
Blue Bird II

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A Chapter by Blue Bird II