A Chapter by Blue Bird II

Day 30- ???
What does it mean? The Key? What was that dream about? " I must find the seven keys ". Who was that man that I saw? Why, why was he, how did he get here? Was it a dream? Whats happening? I don't understand much of anything anymore. I. . . I can't remember. . . anything.

Day 31- What am I Doing Here?
As far back as I can remember, is I went off to find. . . something. But, I hadn't recorded it in this journal. What day was it? When did we get here, to this, forest clearing? What happened to. . . the beach? I should ask the others, but, I don't want to seem rude. A girl. She's sleeping, but she won't wake up. It would be rude to ask. . . who she is. I feel like. . . I know her from somewhere. But who is she?

Day 32- Flashback
A storm, a boat, and an Island. We. . . we were on our way to. . . somewhere. . . to a resort. There were. . . seven or eight of us. Maybe six. He had. . . a burn, on his finger. Died, in the ocean. Then, we argued, and, she left. They didn't come back. Only one did, the other two. . . fell. . . died. Another storm, another boat, same island. A raft. . . only one survivor. She. . . she's. . . asleep. Resting. . . but why? Why won't she wake up? Who is she? WHO? 
It is now night time. Day 32 on this  Island, and I can't remember a lot of things. I wrote a list of everything that happened since we left the docks and headed for the. . . resort. Maybe I'll get my memory back by tomorrow. 

Day 29- ( Updated )
{After realizing what island we were on, we all decided that we have to move away from the beach. A lot of storms occur, so its safer inland. What ever inland there is.}

Day 33- Little by Little
Apparently I am slowly regaining my memory. Slowly.
Today, we all decided to hope that the girl was only in a coma, rather than being dead. But how long must she sleep. A girl named Rilee said she might not wake up at all. I don't know why, but that made me feel bad. What does that mean, " She may never wake up "? 
It began to rain earlier, so we left the forest clearing for some shelter. We finally got a fire going, and we were closer to the fresh water. Things were looking up, survival wise. 

Day 34- Relic
When I was looking through our rations, I found some sort of a. . . gold goblet. A cup, that had jewels and gold embroidered in it. Where did it come from?
When I went to pick it up, an image shot into my head; I was talking to that same man, he mentioned, a key. He said. . . he said. . . um. . . gold. . . golden key. 
I had to think on that vision for a while. Was this the key the man keeps mentioning?

Day 29- ( Updated )
{As we were traveling inland, I stumbled and landed in a pit. No one else noticed and kept moving. 
But in the pit, was a man. He was wearing a torn garb of some kind. He looked so tattered. When he saw me, he greeted me, and said his name was. . .}

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Added on February 21, 2011
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Blue Bird II
Blue Bird II

Nagasaki, LA, Japan

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A Chapter by Blue Bird II